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THE EMPERORS’ NEW CLOTHES… For the last couple of weeks our vehicles having been cavorting around in public in a, shall we say less then dressed state…. In fact, let’s not beat around the bush, just like the fabled emperor they’ve been completely naked. But no more!! Emerson a proud to reveal our new

Meet our six-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6

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Meet our six-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 Founded in 1987 as a family business that serviced and repaired cranes, Spierings has now become the leading crane manufacturer in the field of mobile tower cranes. It has grown to become an international company, with 800 cranes in use in Europe, Asia and Africa. Just like Emerson, Spierings

Bio Hydraulic Oil

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Bio Hydraulic Oil At Emerson we realised a long time ago that there is a growing awareness of the environmental impact associated with the significant influx of lubricants into the environment and, consequently, mineral-based lubricants in environmentally sensitive areas are being gradually replaced with biodegradable hydraulic fluids. To protect the environment, we believe that

What does it take to be a slinger…?

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What does it take to be a slinger…? The below is a description of the roles and responsibilities of a crane slinger. The role of the crane slinger is crucial to the safe operations of cranes and lifting equipment, making them an irreplaceable asset to every site. What is a slinger? Clear and precise communication

Emerson Away Day

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Emerson Away Day Yesterday our SLT and WLT management teams spent the day at ETC Venues at Cheapside EC2 on our 2nd Strategic Planning and Team Building Day. Our goal is to facilitate the continuous improvement and growth of our company, and help to promote teamwork, communication and the sharing of ideas and concepts

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