What You Need To Know About ‘Boom Deflection’

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What You Need To Know About ‘Boom Deflection’ We are all familiar with those news clips of large suspension bridges and high-rise buildings swaying during high winds or earth tremors. But did you know this same type of flexibility is also inbuilt in crane booms? The next time you observe a crane lifting a heavy

Uses Of A Crane Outside Of Construction

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Uses Of A Crane Outside Of Construction While the majority of us associate the uses of a crane with building construction, there are a whole range of industries where a crane, or cranes, are an integral part of day to day activities. It is estimated over 100,000 tower cranes operate throughout the world today. If

The Importance Of Wearing The Correct PPE (Even In Summer)

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Some jobs are obviously more dangerous than others. For example, there are more risks associated with the role of an industrial electrician when compared to a retail sales clerk. Why is it important to wear PPE in the workplace? What benefits can these practices provide? Unfortunately, some individuals tend to shirk their responsibilities (particularly if

Giving Back To The Community

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Giving Back To The Community Our laptops have gone back to school! As a crane hire company, we could be described as having our heads in the clouds (quite literally!). However, we also understand the importance of staying grounded, despite our recent successes. A great way for us to do this is to help out

A Beginners Guide To Crane Hire!

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A Beginner's Guide to Crane Hire The versatility of a crane and the options available can often be surprising. They are used for a vast range of projects ranging from big to small. More often than not, they can be used for projects that you may not have necessarily considered them for. Perhaps you are

Festive Season at Emerson

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Festive Season at Emerson Santa was at Emerson House in December 2017! We were really pleased to welcome (Secret) Santa in our offices, as he delivered our Christmas gifts. All the gifts he brought helped to lift the Christmas spirit... Everyone were really happy with them, so Thank you Santa!  Aside from  receiving gifts,

Where Are Cranes Stored And How Are They Transported?

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Where Are Cranes Stored And How Are They Transported? It’s the ultimate construction mystery. The skylines of the world’s major cities are adorned with countless cranes; from compact mini-crawler cranes to hundred feet tall tower cranes. So when in June this year, three giant quay cranes (some as tall as the London eye) were shipped into DP

How To Get A Job As A Crane Operator

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How To Get A Job As A Crane OperatorAs the premier crane hire firm in South England, we have ample experience in hiring crane operators. Every year we see hundreds of applicants hoping to take their career to new heights, and most of them are great candidates. But in a crowded field, it can sometimes

Christmas Jumper Day 2015

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Christmas Jumper Day 2015 This year Save the Children is teaming up with ITV’s Text Santa and two other fantastic charities – Macmillan Cancer Support and Make-A-Wish® UK – to be a part of Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 18 December – http://www.textsanta.co.uk/.  Emerson Crane Hire is excited to announce that we will be

Five Iconic Buildings And The Cranes That Constructed Them

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Five Iconic Buildings And The Cranes That Constructed Them The skylines of major cities are transforming. Improved technology is allowing architects to turn their designs into reality faster than ever before. Hi-tech skyscrapers and contemporary office blocks are emerging at unprecedented speed and so the need for cranes continues to grow. Building these huge