What Is The Difference Between A Contract Lift And A Standard Crane Hire?

What Is The Difference Between A Contract Lift And A Standard Crane Hire?

Contract Lift Vs Standard Crane Hire

At Emerson Cranes, we’re proud to provide both crane hire services and contract lift services. When looking to hire a crane, these are the two main options to consider. If you’re planning any kind of lift operation, it’s important to contemplate which type of lift service would be suitable for you and your project. We’ve put together some information about the differences between a contract lift and standard crane hire and why you should always choose a reliable company to provide these services.

What Is Contract Lift Hire?

Contract lift hire is the perfect crane hire solution for companies that do not have an Appointed Person to assist with lifting operations. Under the terms of a standard CPA (Construction Plant-hire Association) Contract Lift, the safe operation of the crane lift and supply of the Appointed Person would be the responsibility of the crane hire company.

An Appointed Person is a qualified crane operator and is responsible for all aspects of the lift. They are responsible for overseeing lift plans and safety operations. Contract lift hire means that the crane hire company will take on a lot more responsibility than the customer. 

At Emerson Crane, if you choose our contract lift hire services, we will provide you with an Appointed Person, a competent Slinger/Signaller and Crane Supervisor. We would be responsible for providing all risk assessments and ensure that the crane supplied is suitable for the operation.

This is why if you decide to choose a contract lift service, you should always choose a reputable company. A lot of responsibility will fall on this company, so it’s essential to work with one that you can trust. 

To learn more about what our contract lift hire services involve at Emerson Cranes, click here.

What Does An Appointed Person Do?

An Appointed Person is included with contract lift hire services and they are responsible for a lot of different things. They are essentially in charge of making sure that lifting operations are carried on safely. They will carry out a thorough site survey and be responsible for the execution of the lift. An Appointed Person must be fully qualified and have extensive knowledge of lifting operations and relevant safety procedures. They will provide advice and guidance during the lift, drawing up a detailed lifting plan and ensuring that all lifting equipment has been thoroughly maintained and serviced.

The Appointed Person provides instruction to employees, guides lifting operations and selects the correct crane and equipment for the lift. They may also supervise the operation and make sure that all work is undertaken as safely as possible, adhering to all guidelines.

The Advantages Of Contract Lift Services

With contract lift hire, you can have the peace of mind that the crane hire company will be taking on a lot of the responsibility. They take on the role of planning the lift and choosing a suitable crane, whilst completing all risk assessments.

As they are taking on a lot of the responsibility of the lift, the company will hold legal liability in the event of an accident or injury. They will also take care of all insurance cover. Choosing a reliable crane hire company to provide you with a contract lift means that the lift operations should run smoothly.

What Is A Standard Crane Hire Service?

Standard crane hire is a bit different to contract lift hire. Crane hire is essentially just hiring a crane. This means hiring a crane without also hiring an Appointed Person to assist with lifting operations. If you don’t need an Appointed Person or that extra assistance, standard crane hire could be the right option for your project.

With a standard crane hire service, the customer takes on the majority of the responsibility. The customer will be hiring a crane but it will be their duty to provide a reputable Appointed Person and plan the lift themselves. They will also be in charge of providing all risk assessments and ensuring that the crane hired is suitable for the project.

The Advantages Of Crane Hire Services

Standard crane hire has a lot of benefits if it is the right service for your project. When hiring a crane you can be assured that the crane you’re hiring has been fully maintained and serviced to a high standard. However, you will be in full control of the lifting operations as they go ahead and will have to supply your own Appointed Person and Crane Supervisor

As per gov.UK here, it is law that ‘all crane operators, and people involved in slinging loads and directing lifting operations, must be trained and competent.’. If you have all of the safety provisions in place, then standard crane hire could be exactly what you need.

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