Heavy Lifting Equipment

Wondering how to go about moving heavy machinery indoors? In the world of heavy lifting, there is one sector that is rarely given a second thought. That is until you need to move that two-ton lathe, five-ton press, or new air-con unit across the workshop using mechanical movement.

What is Mechanical Movement

Mechanical movement services, better known in the trade as the ‘lift and shift’ process, involves using specialised indoor heavy lifting equipment to move any machinery or appliances from A to B in areas that cranes can’t access, and that can’t be safely moved by manpower alone.

Here at Emerson Crane Hire, we are often contracted not just to help our clients reposition equipment and machinery for a new production line, but to help with relocation. Using our lift and shift equipment, we help the client decommission the existing site, move equipment outside, and load it onto our transporters. It is then moved to the new site, offloaded, and again using our lift and shift equipment, positioned where required in the new building.

A Complex Process

Those who have worked with Emerson Crane Hire will know just how passionate we are about the safety of our workforce and others who work with us. Whether it is a single piece of equipment or a factory full of machinery when moving heavyweights in confined spaces the risk of serious injury is always present and comprehensive planning of the job must be carried out from the get-go.

For any lift and shift contract, we will designate one of our professional long-serving lift managers to visit you onsite. They will take charge of the project, ascertain your requirements, carry out a full survey, evaluate risk assessment and safety procedures and decide what indoor machine lifting equipment will be required to safely complete the task. They will also liaise with other third party authorities should the need arise. Essentially, they will take all lift and shift responsibility off your shoulders, although we do appreciate you being available onsite.

Mechanical Movement – A Part of a Bigger Picture

The need for the lift and shift process may not just be because a crane can’t access the work area. We have a range of small powerful city cranes, spider cranes, and hoists that can access narrow entrances. These will often be employed to move heavy items the length of a workshop before they are lowered onto our indoor heavy lifting equipment for positioning tight to a wall, or where other obstructions prevent any further use of a crane or hoist.

Accessing new machinery through a roof, where a heavy lift crane will lower the load through the roof onto machine lifting equipment for positioning in the warehouse or machine shop, is another common project we are asked to undertake.

How to lift and move a piece of machinery indoors – tools for the job

We have a range of specialised heavy lifting equipment designed to make moving heavy loads indoors an easier and less hazardous business. Our range of mechanical movement equipment includes:

  • Pallet trucks
  • Hoists
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Forklifts
  • Extendable forklifts
  • City and spider cranes
  • Boom lifts
  • Machine skates rated up to 50-ton

Whether it’s lifting 20-tons, 50 metres in the air, or five tons, six inches off the ground, each project comes with its own set of unique problems – and solutions.

To ensure maximum safety when moving your machinery, the whole area may need to be empty of non-essential personnel. At Emerson Crane Hire we will try to minimise production downtime by undertaking the work out of hours, or over a weekend.

If you have any questions about our Mechanical Movement Services, or if you would like further information regarding our range of heavy lift services, please get in touch with a member of our team today. Contact us on 020 8059 2560, or email us at info@emersoncranes.co.uk, and one of our friendly, experienced team members will be happy to help!

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