Working around cranes: safety tips

How To Stay Safe Working In Close Proximity To Cranes

Being aware of the dangers that operating a crane can bring helps to keep everybody on the construction site safe. On top of being aware of the operational dangers of cranes, there are also hazards that come with simply working around a crane or being in close proximity to one. When operated correctly with precautions, cranes are robust, versatile and incredibly valuable to a construction site. However, working in close proximity to a crane should be met with preparation to avoid injuries and fatalities. 

Here at Emerson Cranes, we are proud to meet all of your crane hire needs safely and efficiently. We’ve put together some information on how you can work safely around and in close proximity to cranes.

When A Crane Is First Brought Onto Site

When a crane is first brought onto site, take note of the following crane safety tips:

  • Move cranes into their required position when there are no construction workers nearby.
  • Make sure the crane is positioned so that its boom is not overhead of workers.
  • Continue to repeatedly check its position in regards to power lines.
  • Avoid raising the boom unnecessarily high.
  • Avoid quick release of the load.
  • Operators should turn the crane slowly and smoothly.
  • Inspect the crane daily.
  • Ensure sufficient counterweight to avoid tipping.

A safe route for the load and for the workers should be established before the crane operation goes ahead. It should be clear where is accessible to construction site workers and where is not.

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Be Aware Of Your Surroundings At All Times

Follow signage and directions on the construction site. The swing radius of the crane should be barricaded. Although crane operators are licensed, qualified and often experienced at operating cranes, every person on the construction site needs to be aware of when and where it is safe to work when crane operation is in place. Always be aware of the swing radius of the crane and never walk within it. Do not stand or position yourself where the crane could cause you to be struck by or pinched between any moving areas. Warning signs and barricades should be placed so that workers can clearly see the swing radius of the crane and where to avoid.

As per here, in construction there were 39 fatal injuries to workers on site in 2020/21. It is important for everybody working around cranes and the construction site to be aware of their surroundings and all health and safety procedures in place for the site.

Always Wear Protective Gear On Site

Wear a hard hat or other protective gear wherever there is the possibility of a load being overhead and never work under a suspended load or walk under a boom. In a worst case scenario where the crane boom fails, you do not want to be working under a suspended load. Continue to wear other protective gear like gloves.

As well as protective gear, regular safety meetings are advised to educate all workers on how to continue working with and around cranes safely.

Stay Away From The Crane Unless Working With It

If you are not assigned to work on or with a crane, good guidance to follow is staying away from the crane. The crane operator is going to be looking out for the signal person and watching his load. The operator is going to be ensuring that they are operating the crane safely. They are not going to be watching for or assessing construction site workers that are positioned where they shouldn’t be. Stay away from the crane unless it is absolutely necessary and follow all directions and signage on site. Never attempt to turn a load whilst it’s suspended.

Choose An Experienced Crane Hire Company

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