What is A Mechanical Movement?

Mechanical Movement / Lift & Shift Services In London

Mechanical Movement is more commonly known as “Lift & Shift”. It involves the transportation of heavy plant equipment within an area that is inaccessible to cranes. If you have internal machinery that needs to be relocated within its current facility or, to an entirely new one, then you may benefit from our professional lift and shift services. It is not the size, weight, or shape of the lift that determines the need for this specialist service, but rather the complexity of the lift and the intricate planning required for the manoeuvring of the plant. At Emerson, we are able to provide the solution to these complex lifts with our lift and shift services operating in and around London. When you choose us for your lift and shift applications, we will never let you down.

How Mechanical Movement Works

No two mechanical movement projects are the same. However, we have a fleet of mini cranes, heavy haul transportation, and a stock of manual handling equipment, such as skates and jacks, to help with your project. Make light work of your lift and shift requirements. You can rest assured that Emerson will find a solution.

What is Included in our Mechanical Movement Services in London

When using our mechanical movement service, you will be assigned a dedicated Appointed Person (AP) for your project. They will conduct a site visit, complete a set of RAMS (Risk Assessment & Method Statement), and, if necessary, arrange any road closures, permits, and traffic management documentation.

We will then ensure that you have the correct mechanical handling team to execute the movement operation. We prepare thoroughly before carrying out our lift and shift services across London to ensure that everything runs on schedule and that productivity is maximised.

A professional Lift and Shift Company

Emerson particularly specialises in the handling of:

  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration units
  • Generators
  • Heating & Ventilation

Emerson has full confidence that our staff can deliver a safe and practical solution for your project, no matter what the lift involves. Our lift and shift service in London is designed to make your job as simple as possible.

Further Services

On top of Lift & Shift in London, Emerson also provides secure storage solutions. Our all-round package ensures that you are given the best service possible. When you choose us, you can be comforted with the peace of mind that we can help you with a range of different aspects of your project, to help to take some of the stress away.

Emerson has two depots, one in East London / Essex and another in West London / Buckinghamshire. However, not only do we offer Lift & Shift in London, but we also offer our services nationwide and can transport your plant across the whole of the UK.

Contact us

If you require our specialist lift and shift services in London, do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact our friendly team today by calling: 020 8548 39000 or email: info@emersoncranes.com