What industry requires Crane work?

Emerson Crane Hire

The versatility of cranes makes them capable of fulfilling the needs of several industries. Crane industry services include renting cranes for moving heavy materials and aiding in construction. Specific uses of cranes depend on which industry rents them. At Emerson, we offer our services for many different areas. Our unique combination of expertise and wide-ranging resources means we are often the first port of call for some of the country’s leading businesses and organisations across a number of sectors.

Our Sectors

Construction (Residential & Commercial)

Emerson Crane Hire is a leading supplier of construction site crane services, with over two decades of experience in project management.


At Emerson, we have vast experience providing industrial crane hire within the commercial market.


At Emerson, we work closely with utility companies as well as other related clients in the sector, providing innovative solutions through a wide range of bespoke contract lifting solutions.


We have extensive experience in managing the facets and limitations of supplying crane hire for the railway industry.


The diversity of our crane fleet sets us apart in the industry and means we can provide the ideal solution for any project.

Lifting Safety Standards

Emerson Crane Hire Ltd have been lifting the standards for over 32 years.Our industry experience ensures that you have a safe lift everytime.