How to become a crane operator in the UK: the requirements.

The work from home revolution has had some interesting social repercussions, with some people missing the interaction of the office as others revel in the peace and comfort of working from their own homes, but, what if neither option is for you?

If you like the idea of working outdoors, or not always working in the same place and you don’t fancy the idea of staring at a screen all day, the construction industry has plenty of opportunities to offer, with crane operation being a very interesting option.

Is a crane operator job right for me?

Crane operation can be a fulfilling job, however it does entail a high level of risk. There are some traits, skills and behaviours that are common to good crane operators. From the outset, a competent crane operator must:

  • Be able to follow instructions precisely
  • Be diligent and conscientious
  • Be able to communicate effectively and work well in a team
  • Have the reflexes and capacity to operate equipment
  • Have knowledge of public safety and security
  • Have patience
  • Be able to keep a cool head under pressure

If the work environment appeals to you and you feel you have the right skills and character for the job, you’re on your way! With the right training you may have a bright future as a crane operator ahead of you. At Emerson Cranes we can advise you on the best crane operator course for you, so get in touch or read on.

Becoming a crane operator: the steps to take

If you are interested in becoming a crane operator in the U.K.,there are a variety of crane operator courses available, and depending on your personal situation, your experience and your goals, you may be better suited to one or another. Some of the popular courses available include the CPCS Crane Training Course, the NOCN Accredited SiteRight Course, the ALLMI Course, and the NVQ Course.

• The CPCS Crane Training Course is the most widely recognised card scheme for plant operators and users within the UK Construction Industry. The scheme requires operatives to have passed a health and safety test before attempting a CPCS Technical Test. The CPCS training courses include technical tests of a high standard and are designed to assess operators’ abilities in the safe and efficient use of the equipment. Upon completing a CPCS course, you will be issued with a Red Trained Operator Card which is valid for up to two years.

• The NOCN Accredited SiteRight Course is a NOCN accredited short training program that provides participants with a solid basis for the technical aspect of crane operation as well as the safety measures to be applied. This course is designed for people who want to learn the basics of crane operation and safety, but who may not be looking to pursue a career in crane operation.

• The ALLMI Course is designed to cover all technical aspects as well as all safety aspects of loading and unloading lorries. This course is ideal for those who will be working with lorry loader cranes and who need to understand the technical aspects of the equipment as well as the safety measures required.

• The NVQ Course is a portfolio-based qualification that allows you to demonstrate your theoretical and practical knowledge through written examples, observations, witness testimonies and questioning. NVQs are taken into consideration alongside other training to complete your professional profile and to allow you to access the next level CPCS card.

To upgrade to a Blue CPCS Card, you will need to complete an NVQ qualification alongside CITB health, safety and environment tests. This will enable you to progress to the next level of crane operation and increase your earning potential.

Crane operator training at the Emerson Training Centre

Emerson’s Training Centre provides a range of courses for aspiring crane operators, including CPCS, ALLMI, SiteRight and NVQ courses. We also provide construction site courses such as the CPCS Appointed Person Course and the CPCS Slinger Signaller Course. Our expert training team have the wealth of experience necessary to guide candidates during the first steps to a fulfilling and prosperous career.

To learn more about The Emerson Training Centre and the courses we provide, get in touch today. Call us on 020 8548 3900 to speak to a member of our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you