A Guide to Construction Crane Safety in Summer

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Avoiding hot weather hazards for safe crane operations in summer As a leading crane hire company, we see the demand for our quality lifting machinery increase significantly over the summer and early autumn months. Summer means that sites, equipment, and workforces won’t be exposed to extremely cold temperatures or difficult working conditions, such as heavy

Operating a Tandem Lift

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Operating a Tandem Lift Sometimes a load is too big, and you need to enlist the help of another crane. The process of lifting loads with two or more cranes is not new, but it is complex. The greater the number of cranes, the more challenges there are to overcome. Though with precise planning and

How Can a Crane Make a Rail Project Easier?

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How Can a Crane Make a Rail Project Easier? Even after centuries of using rail transport, it is still a viable and effective way of moving both people and goods great distances. It takes a large budget to maintain and upgrade these rail networks — to keep up with demand. The future looks positive for

Rooftop Lifting | High Rise Development

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Rooftop Lifting | High Rise Development Tower cranes working over 100 metres up in the air, can be a pretty awesome sight when you get up-close to them. But what about those cranes occasionally seen working from the very top of a new skyscraper. How does a crane get on top of a building, and

Top 10 Construction Crane Facts

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Top 10 Construction Crane Facts At Emerson Crane Hire we don’t just work with cranes, we eat, sleep, and breathe them. Sound a little melodramatic? Maybe so, but each crane is a unique piece of machinery designed to do a specific job, and we take pride in knowing them inside out. We feel as though

How To Boost Productivity With The Right Lifting Equipment

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How To Boost Productivity With The Right Lifting Equipment If you have a new construction project coming up, one where the need for heavy lifting equipment is spread throughout the whole construction programme, a little pre-planning can go a long way to improving your site’s construction efficiency and productivity. Plan Your Lift Requirements In an

Operating a Crane in Extreme Weather Conditions

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Operating a Crane in Extreme Weather Conditions It wasn’t so many years ago that ‘extreme’ weather only seemed to affect other countries. Certainly in the UK, we would suffer bouts of heavy rain, and some flooding would occur, or loud thunder and lightning would move across the country, as a storm front passed through. But

Crane Terminology

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Crane Terminology Cranes are invaluable tools in the world of construction, saving time, effort, and helping to improve the safety of work sites. As with many specialist areas, cranes come with terms and abbreviations. Shortcuts in technical language help workers to better understand each other and to act faster. When you are new to cranes,