How To Choose The Right Crane For Your Commercial Project

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Crane

Whether you are working on a high-rise construction, a large-scale infrastructure development or another commercial project, choosing the correct crane for your site is extremely important. The right decision will increase efficiency and keep your workers safe.

The first element to consider is the type of crane you need. Each type has different benefits, and making the right choice will significantly contribute to the success of your project.

Types of Crane

There are many crane models available for hire, designed for a variety of uses. It is crucial that you pick the correct one for your requirements. Explore the whole range on offer at Emerson Crane Hire. Most models of cranes fall under these three categories.

As the name suggests, mobile cranes are designed to get to where you need them to be. Mobile cranes can be driven on public roads. Regardless of whether your site is in a city centre or somewhere with rugged terrain, mobile cranes offer a study yet transportable solution.

At Emerson, our fleet includes mobile city cranes, all-terrain cranes and mobile tower cranes. Our mobile cranes offer valuable flexibility and assured reliability.

If manoeuvrability is crucial for your project, a crawler crane is an excellent option. The tracks on crawler cranes offer stability on softer soil and grip for work on embankments or uneven terrain. Some crawler cranes can access tight spaces and move across the site even whilst carrying heavy loads. Their design means they have no outriggers, making them highly adaptable to any construction environment. The versatile crawler crane ensures efficiency and safety at every step of the construction process.

Spider cranes are perfect for tight spaces. Their design means they can be folded to become more compact, making it easy to transport them to even the narrowest work locations. Spider cranes feature four outriggers that extend outward, resembling the posture of a hunched spider, providing dependable stability.

Spider cranes can also be utilised in tandem with larger cranes. The larger crane can lift the spider crane to elevated positions, enabling it to be positioned in areas inaccessible to conventional cranes and providing assistance where traditional equipment may be limited.

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Things to consider

Taking the below elements into consideration will help you select the optimal type and model of crane for your commercial construction site.

1. Weight and size of load

What do you need your crane to lift? Make a note of the dimensions and weight of the items that your crane will be required to handle, and ensure that these match up to the crane you choose to hire before it arrives on site. This step will prevent dangerous situations where the crane cannot handle the load.

2. Height Lift

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Next, consider the height lift necessary for your construction project. Our crane listings include comprehensive details such as boom length, extension and radius. This information will enable you to make a more informed decision and choose the crane that perfectly aligns with the specific requirements of your project.

3. Transportation

How will your crane get to and from the site? Consider the location of your site and the terrain the crane will have to cross to arrive there. Mobile cranes are an excellent option for ensuring the crane will reliably arrive on site because they are designed to travel easily.

4. On-site conditions

Take into account the size of your site and the specific areas where the crane will be operating. If your site features tight or narrow spaces, opting for a spider crane may be the most practical choice, as its compact size and manoeuvrability make it well-suited for operating in confined areas with ease.

For construction sites with uneven surfaces or those that have to endure a variety of weather, all-terrain mobile cranes are the answer. These cranes are purpose-built to effectively navigate uneven surfaces, providing stability and reliability even in challenging environments. At Emerson, we stock both all-terrain mobile cranes and heavy all-terrain mobile cranes, equipping you for whatever conditions you face.

Making a Decision

By familiarising yourself with the types of cranes available and considering the elements above, you should be able to determine which model of crane to hire for your individual requirements. If you need any additional help, our knowledgeable team at Emerson is always more than happy to offer advice on commercial crane hire. Give us a call on 020 8059 2403 today.

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