Different uses of a crane

Cranes aren’t only used on construction sites – they also have numerous applications in domestic settings, from tree removal to lifting a shed or greenhouse.

As a leading provider of crane services, we have a few core commercial sectors that we work with, namely:

However, as they are incredibly versatile and efficient, cranes can be used for many other lifting manoeuvres. 

With various different crane types and uses, this invaluable equipment has been adapted to meet the needs of a range of project requirements. In this article, we will look at some of the less common uses for crane equipment in a residential setting…

Heavy plant for garden landscaping 

One of the main uses of a crane is for lifting heavy machinery, although this tends to be most common on a construction site. However, mobile cranes are also ideal for landscaping projects, especially in residential gardens when access is restricted. Cranes have a variety of applications:

  • lifting heavy plant and landscaping machinery
  • hoisting building materials over a boundary line
  • moving pre-formed pond liners
  • lifting large sculptures or water features

In addition, if several large trees have blown over or been deliberately felled, cranes are an efficient way of removing them. If access to a garden space is challenging, a crane can be the ideal solution. 

Uses of a crane – accessing small and awkward spaces 

Spider cranes are one of the most versatile pieces of lifting equipment available. 

Although they are often involved in installing steelwork or glass, or for railway maintenance, agile spider cranes are suited to many other applications. 

If your project requires a versatile crane that offers precision and ease of movement in a limited space, our spider crane hire service is worth considering. Click for more on our spider crane hire services in and around London.

Crane hire for hot tub or swimming pool installation 

When consumers invest in larger items, such as a hot tub or spa whirlpool, they often overlook the practicality of how it will be moved from the delivery vehicle to the final location.

Can’t get access around the side of your house, or to the rear of the property? Under these circumstances, hiring a crane is the ideal solution to the dilemma of how to lift a hot tub over a fence and onto a deck or back garden.

A HIAB vehicle can easily lift a hot tub or lap pool over a wall or fence that can’t be removed. It is a specialist lift, so this requires a skilled crane operating team to plan and carry out the job – Emerson can provide the full solution. 

Lifting garden buildings into place

As with installing a hot tub, moving a pre-constructed building into the back garden can often pose a problem. It is especially tricky if the property is in the middle of a town or residential development. If you can’t easily gain access along the side of the house or to the rear of the property, what are you supposed to do?

For the majority of contract logistics and delivery companies, it is usual to only deliver to the kerbside. This means that you are left with the challenge of moving a large, heavy and costly purchase into the correct position.

Crane hire makes easy work of lifting a shed, garden office, shepherd’s hut or summer house over a wall or fence. 

HIAB truck hire – for transportation and lifting

Our high-quality cranes can be used to safely lift a variety of heavy objects into residential properties. 

As well as offering onsite lifting services, we also have a HIAB truck hire service to transport large items. The most suitable HIAB crane hire option will depend on the specific needs of your project and the constraints of the site on which the lift takes place. 

Choose Emerson’s crane hire – for hot tub lifting and more

We are proud to have earned a reputation for providing safe and affordable crane hire services for a range of lifting jobs. For us, safety is of paramount importance and a core company value. 

Whatever large or heavy item needs to be moved, we can help by:

  • placing safety at the forefront of our lifting service
  • ensuring that our cranes are regularly serviced and maintained
  • sharing our wealth of industry experience to provide customers with in-depth advice and guidance

Whether you require crane hire for hot tub lifting, or something else, we are here to help.

Speak to the crane hire experts

Cranes are often the ideal solution for moving large objects into properties with limited access. From whirlpools to greenhouses and sheds, we can lift objects over fences when access isn’t otherwise possible. 

We hope this article has shed some light on alternative uses of cranes. If you would like advice on choosing the right crane for your next project, or you would like some health and safety guidance, you can count on us. 

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