Spider crane hire: What are spider cranes and when are they used?

What are spider cranes?

Spider cranes, also known as mini-cranes, are a type of compact lifting equipment that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to lift heavy loads in confined spaces. These cranes are particularly useful for construction and maintenance projects in urban areas where space is limited, making them an ideal solution for projects such as building maintenance, installation of glass facades and restoration of historical buildings.

Where did spider cranes originate?

The invention of the spider crane can be traced back to Japan in the 1970s. At this time a boom in construction in densely built-up areas pushed companies to create innovative solutions for carrying out construction and demolition work in tight spaces and places with narrow access. The initial design was based on the idea of creating a crane that could lift heavy loads in confined spaces and was compact enough to be transported easily. The first spider crane was a huge success, and the design quickly caught on with construction and maintenance companies around the world.

Since then, spider cranes have undergone numerous improvements and advancements, including the development of new materials and technologies. One notable improvement was the addition of hydraulic systems, which made the cranes more efficient and powerful. Another innovation was the use of remote-controlled systems, which allowed operators to control the crane from a safe distance.

Spider crane hire options

Spider cranes are the perfect solution for those who need to work in areas where traditional cranes can’t reach, or where space is limited. At Emerson Cranes we offer a UNIC tracked spider crane hire:

  • The UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane is a highly mobile and reliable crane with a lifting capacity of 2.9 tonnes. It can access compact locations through standard door frames due to its width of just 0.6m. It has an 8.65m boom and can reach a maximum height of 8.8m. It also includes a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System to ensure safe operation. The UNIC URW-295 is one of the most popular tracked spider cranes on the market due to its durability, safety features and technical capabilities.
  • With a SWL of up to 2.9 tonnes and a six-section hydraulic boom with a maximum reach height of 14.9 metres, the URW-376 UNIC spider crane can be controlled from the onboard operator’s seat or via remote control, providing flexibility for precise placement of loads. The crane features a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System to prevent unsafe operation. The URW-376 has been used in various applications, including machinery replacement, glazing, steel erection and restorations. It is quick to set up for experienced operators, and training is available.
  • The UNIC URW-706-2 mini spider crane can lift up to 6 tonnes and reach a maximum hook height of 25.9m with an additional hydraulic searcher hook. It can access restricted lifting areas and be controlled from the operator’s seat or a remote control for precise load placement. Digital feedback and data logging are available as extras.

Industries and applications

One of the biggest advantages of spider crane hire is the versatility it offers. Spider cranes can be used for a wide range of applications: from HVAC installations through to landscaping. They are especially sought after for projects where traditional cranes would be impractical or impossible to use, such as inside buildings, on roofs or in tight spaces.

  • In the construction industry, spider cranes are commonly used for installing glass panels in high-rise buildings. The UNIC spider crane is particularly well-suited for this type of work, as it can easily manoeuvre between buildings and reach heights of up to 16 metres. The compact size of the spider crane also means that it can be used inside buildings, making it ideal for installing glass panels in atriums or other areas with limited access.
  • Spider cranes are also useful for steel erection projects. The UNIC 376 spider crane is particularly well-suited for this type of work, as it can easily lift and position steel beams in tight spaces. Its compact size also means that it can be used on roofs or in other areas with limited access.
  • Landscaping is another area where spider cranes can be useful. They can be used to lift and move heavy objects, such as trees or large boulders, without damaging surrounding structures or landscaping features. The UNIC 706 spider crane is particularly well-suited for this type of work, as it can easily lift heavy objects up to 19.5 metres high.

Spider cranes are frequently called upon for a great variety of tasks including hot tub lifting, installations in stadiums and shopping centres, racking installations in warehouses, air conditioning unit or solar panel installations and many more projects. A great advantage of spider cranes is that they are compact and light, so can be lifted onto roofs or hard to access areas by a mobile crane. This means that lifting operations can be carried out from a position where the spider crane will not cause an obstruction to traffic, which is often a problem with mobile cranes.

At Emerson Cranes, we offer a range of spider cranes to suit every need. We have LPG, electric and diesel models available, each with their own unique benefits. LPG models are ideal for indoor use, as they produce no emissions and are quiet during operation. Electric models are also great for indoor use, as they produce no emissions and are easy to recharge. Diesel models are ideal for outdoor use, as they are powerful and can operate for long periods without needing to be refuelled.

For more information on our tracked spider crane hire options, get in touch with Emerson Cranes today. Our team of passionate experts are always available to assist you in deciding which crane is right for your project and can easily tailor our solutions towards you and your needs. Please call us today on 020 8548 3900.