Emerson Crane Hire At The Heart of Historical M25 Road Closure

Last weekend major news outlets reported on the unprecedented closure of both lanes of the M25 motorway and the disruptions this caused. Planned work on the Surrey section of this motorway between Junction 10 and Junction 11 required the road to be closed in both directions between 21.00 hrs on Friday the 15th of March and 06.00 hrs on Monday the 18th.

Drone footage and aerial photography from various channels captured images of the work at the heart of this closure, revealing an Emerson Crane, a 200t Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1, participating in the demolition of the existing bridge and subsequent positioning of a new gantry at the Clermont junction.

The contract lift service carried out by Emerson Ltd. required working in close collaboration with Clarke Demolition Company Limited. The project forms part of a wider scheme which will bear witness to a further 5 closures along the M25 at different points, programmed for the summer months of 2024.

M25 Road Closure

The coordinated work effort saw the M25 reopening just after 22.00hrs on Sunday, eight hours ahead of schedule.

The work has been commended as: “excellent collaborative working between Emerson Crane Hire Ltd, and Clarke Demolition Company Limited, during this weekend’s unprecedented full closure of the M25.”

The M25 is a major logistical artery, surrounding London and acting as the main access route to Heathrow and Gatwick, the UK’s two busiest airports. This full closure was the first since the road’s inauguration in 1986.

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