Crane Maintenance Facilities

Emerson Crane Hire

Here at Emerson Cranes, we have a custom-built facility that allows us to maximise the efficiency of our operations. Our maintenance facilities allow us to carry out efficient crane safety tests and inspections, ensuring that our products are safe to operate and of the highest quality.

Maintenance Workshop

Our modern workshop allows us to keep our fleet of cranes, HGVs, Vans and plant machinery maintained to the highest standard.
In addition, every care is taken and systems are in place to protect the environment from waste elements. Engine and gear oils are pumped from large storage tanks direct to the vehicle to prevent contamination. Waste oils are pumped into a waste oil tank and are removed by contractors for recycling.

Custom Brake Tester

In continued support of our vision of being industry leaders in Health and Safety, we have invested in a heavy-duty bespoke brake tester. As a company, we are always seeking continual improvement. Within our crane maintenance workshop, we have installed this testing facility to ensure the most safety-effective methods of testing are used.

The new brake tester is the first of its kind to be supplied in the UK, specifically designed for the testing of cranes and commercial trucks. It is able to test up to 20 tons per axle and uses MAHA-patented technology. Not only does the custom brake tester have wireless tablet control for one-operative testing, but it also has a 4-wheel drive testing control with a user-friendly interface.

Tyre Service Bay

At Emerson we pride ourselves on being self-sufficient in all areas of our work wherever possible. Tyres are a constant headache with punctures. When this occurs outside of ‘normal’ hours, it can prove to be difficult to contact tyre companies to attend to machines or lorries. To resolve this, at Emerson we have a policy of stocking a large selection of tyres and wheels for all our vehicles. Our tyres and wheels are made up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. With our devoted mobile tyre repair van complete with a built-in compressor, we can help when you need it most.

On return to the depot, the punctured tyre is immediately stripped using our state-of-the-art tyre changing machine. Once the tyre has been rolled-up to the machine there is no more manual handling; the machine does it all. The tyre is repaired, replaced, and re-inflated. The pressure is then monitored for the following few days to ensure there are no other leaks. Once we are happy it meets our high standard, the tyre is placed “in stock” and ready to be used again.

Custom Wash Bay

We have a dedicated steam clean area with a complete drainage system, designed to separate oils and greases from the wastewater. The oils and greases are disposed of separately by trusted contractors. Our cranes are regularly degreased and thoroughly cleaned to allow for regular inspections before going out on hire. Our custom wash bay is used also before the servicing of our vehicles and prior to MOTs of commercial vehicles.

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