Why a Contract Lifting Service Makes Financial Sense

Design altercations can lead to planning changes and the quick need for a crane to complete the task at hand. A contractor has three options; to buy a crane, to rent a crane and driver, or to opt for a contractual service that covers all aspects of the operation.

Owning a Crane

Large construction companies may feel that they have the finances and the staff to make buying a crane seem like financial sense. But there are many hidden costs behind running a safe and reliable crane.


The extremes of weather, dust, and loads will affect both moving and none moving crane parts. Tires wear out if it is a mobile crane, and older cranes can develop stress fractures, which can be expensive to discover and fix.

Like a car, cranes must go through regular inspections and servicing to ensure the hydraulics are in good working order. A hydraulic hose can be subject to pressure 700 times that of sea-level; a rupture can cause injuries and even fatalities.


Even with the best-kept crane in the world, to use the crane, you still need to earn worthiness certifications. The same applies to the driver — you need a full-time crane operator, ensuring that their certifications are current.

Hiring a Crane

Hiring a crane is an option that many large contractors go with. Though there are still costs and liabilities that a contractor takes on by renting a crane, such as:

  • Ensuring that you have a team of Responsible People available when the crane arrives with the driver. Responsible People include an
  • Appointed Person, a Crane Supervisor, and a Slinger/Signaller.
  • Ensuring that the lift complies with LOLER 1998 and BS 7121.
  • Planning the lift and taking responsibility for the execution of the plan.
  • Checking of credentials of the crane hire company and the responsible people you are using.
  • Specifying and ensuring you are using the correct crane for the job.
  • On top of the above, statements, risk assessments, and insurance all fall under the contractor’s responsibility. Some of these are complex issues that take time to grasp and are difficult to complete.

Contract Lifting Services

Contract lifting services are like riding a taxi— you can hand off a majority of the responsibility to the crane company. During the contractual service, Emerson Cranes will assign an Appointed Person to you.


The Appointed Person is the most qualified and experienced member of our team. They know how to plan and execute the lift, including preparing the necessary paperwork and assembling the lift team. The Appointed Person will gather the relevant information from your team and inspect the site. They will also check that their qualifications are relevant and current.

Crane Selection

The final task of the Appointed Person is to select a crane with alternatives, and a driver for each choice, and a plan for the placement of each crane. The heavier the load, the more danger it entails. The area must be clear for the lift, and you may need permission to divert traffic.


The Appointed Person will also gather the appropriate permits, insurances, and permissions. They report on the risks of the lift — including the weather, overhead lines, residences, businesses, and other workers.

Health and safety are of up-most importance to Emerson Crane hire, though we still give our clients complete cover. Emerson’s standard insurance, with contractual hire, covers £30,000 of goods. The insurances also cover third-party property and persons up to £20,000,0000.


Contract lifting services offer you teams with extensive crane experience and knowledge. The speed at which you can begin the lift is far better when using a crane hire company, providing a smoother and safer lift.

Emerson Cranes

Contracting a crane solves the problems of lifting heavy loads, but it can also speed up the process of lifting many smaller items. Safety is our first concern, and our cranes go through intense inspections and servicing procedures.

Emerson Cranes have a wide range of machines, from fast lifting to specialist lift services. Our team is friendly, well-trained, and available to ensure that your lift goes according to plan.

If you would like to see how we can help with your lifting needs, contact us today!