How To Get A Job As A Crane Operator

As the premier crane hire firm in South England, we have ample experience in hiring crane operators. Every year we see hundreds of applicants hoping to take their career to new heights, and most of them are great candidates. But in a crowded field, it can sometimes be difficult to stand out. Here is our best advice on how to make sure your application makes it to the top of the pile. When you are ready, apply for one of our Mobile Crane Operator Jobs.

1. Qualifications

Like many construction jobs, a crane operator needs to be fully qualified to work. For one, it is a legal requirement, but it is not just about being by the book; an unqualified crane operator is a dangerous crane operator, and one that poses more of a risk to the project, the team, and the public than a mere legal slap on the wrist.

Before you even think about applying for a crane hire position, make sure you have all the correct, up to date qualifications.

The most important of these qualifications are:

An LGV Class 2 license. Previously known as an HGV Class 2, this qualification allows a bearer to operate any vehicle of up to 32 tonnes. A quick glance at our Cranes page will show you that most cranes can weigh up to this amount.
A Mobile Crane CPCS Card. A relevant CPCS card is crucial to any construction job, but as any construction worker will know, there are many to choose from, each focusing on different areas of competence and expertise. Crane operators will need a card specific to the job they are applying for: Appointed Person, Lift Supervisor, Slinger/Signaller, Crawler Crane, or Mobile Crane.

If you don’t have these qualifications, or if yours are out of date, search online to find training and tests near you.

2. Experience

As is the case with any job, previous experience in the same position or similar positions will look very impressive on a CV or application. In the case of crane operator, make sure you go into detail as to which models of crane you have used, what kind of projects you have used them for and how long you have operated them. Remember that the person reading the application is also a crane expert, and will likely want to know what kind of experience you have, right down to the gear shift functionality.

You may have no or very little experience relevant to the job you are applying for. That is okay. As long as you have the relevant qualifications and licenses, you may still be in with a chance.

3. Temperament

No matter how qualified or experienced you are, you still need to display the willpower, contemplation and character to be a crane operator. As detailed in this Guardian article, there is more to operating a crane than simply technical knowledge. Since sitting alone in a soundproof booth high above any colleagues can be an isolated and lonely experience. Good applicants for the job need to prove they can do it without self-destructing.

This may be a vague thing to demonstrate, but it is possible to do it by staying cool and calm during an interview, and always maintaining a level head. These things will all be important in the crane booth, too.

Think you have what it takes to join our team? Have a look at the positions we have available on our Recruitment page and apply today!