What Crane Operators Actually Do

Needless to say crane operators need to have skill and precision in their work. Without a highly trained crane operator the skyline of our cities would be pandemonium and disaster would strike. When operating such huge machinery one has to really know what they are doing.

But what exactly does a crane operator do?

Safety First

A crane operator does more than simply sit in his or her box and maneuver the lifting equipment. They also have to make sure all of the safety procedures are followed when operating one of the world’s heaviest and most potentially dangerous pieces of construction machinery. The importance of these safety rules is why we offer courses on crane safety awareness.

If a crane operator is working on mobile equipment they will have to make an inspection in order to check the hydraulics are sound and the machine is stable. The machine must comply with safety regulations in order to pass this pre-operation inspection.

Operating the arms

Then comes the lifting. The crane operator is responsible for controlling the arm of the crane in order to lift things to a high level and place them with precision. They will be in charge of moving the hook, line or coupling into place in order to make the connection needed. They may also be in charge of a wrecking ball (please no Miley Cyrus references).

All of these responsibilities require the operator to be able to make specialised and often quick decisions. They must use a multitude of gears with expertise in order to effectively place their very heavy loads.

Coping with long hours

Along with the practical side of operation and safety a crane operator also has to deal with long and sometimes unpredictable hours, as can be characteristic of much construction work. A good crane operator will be able to deal with the long hours and also maintain clear communications with the men on the ground.

It takes a lot of training and a certain disposition to be an effective crane operator. It is worth it to skillfully use one of the world’s most dangerous machines to help reshape the skylines of the world.