We have an Imposter In the Building…

You may have noticed that on the 16th & 17th May 2018, Emerson Crane Hire exhibited at Vertikal Days (“the largest lifting equipment event for the UK and Ireland”), you may have even sat down and had a chat with us over a nice cold beverage, but did you see or even speak to our imposter?

Emerson have had a new addition to our team and brought along our new Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, Miranda. Miranda started with us on the Monday and by Thursday she attended Vertikal Days, for her very first time.

Although Miranda comes from a construction background, cranes, lorries and lifting equipment in general are all new to her. Continue reading to find out, from her point of view, how the event went.

I started Emerson on Monday itching to learn as much as humanly possible about my new role, the industry and the cranes themselves. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to attend Vertikal Days I jumped in at the deep end, and on Thursday attended the event for the first time. I’ve attended many construction industry events / exhibitions, so I thought I’d know what to expect, I’d read up on Vertikal Days and left for the event with certain expectations. Well, I didn’t quite get what I expected. In fact, I got more, so much more…

Now, most construction events that I have attended have only had a very small external area with a large internal area, or no external space at all. So, I was delighted to find myself outside, basking in the sun shine. Every piece of equipment was glowing, people were smiling and were genuinely happy to be there. “This is my kind of event” was my initial thought.

The minute I stepped foot onto the exhibition grounds, I was presented with a rainbow of cranes. Just rows and rows and rows of brightly coloured cranes, all offering something different to the last, all expertly engineered for their own purposes, all unique in their very own way, and all surrounded by staff that were equally as passionate about what they had to offer. Not only were there cranes, but also all sorts of lifting equipment; big, small and even medium sized. Passion was buzzing through the air, the bustling crowd showed true excitement and I just stood there, astonished by the sheer size, engineering and thought that must have gone into some of the equipment that was on offer. Walking around the show only made me even more awe-struck, I personally didn’t realise just how many types of anything there were, let alone cranes.

Admittedly, my lack of knowledge on cranes made me feel like an imposter of some sorts, like I didn’t belong, I was there only as a charade, and that’s not something I felt comfortable with. So, I stood back, listened and learned. Although I managed to speak to a few people, a lot of my time was spent listening to my colleagues discuss things with various clients, customers and even other like-minded companies. Sometimes listening and seeing is the best way to learn and this time I found myself awe-struck by the bounds of knowledge and passion my colleagues had, I even managed to pick up a thing or two as well. I took in information that I didn’t even realise existed and truly learnt a lot about various aspects of the crane world, not just from my colleagues but also from others in the industry. People asked questions that I would never think to ask, although now, they seem like completely valid, if not essential questions.

Although I am suffering from what can only be described as ‘brain fry’ or even an ‘information overload’, I can completely see why Vertikal Days has been described as the leading event for lifting equipment. Not only was the exhibition space vastly dominated by actual working and lifting equipment, but there was also a marquee centre staged, full of companies that assisted with the lifting world in one way or another. Whether it be training courses or even software solutions, you name it, you could find it.

I had an amazing time at Vertikal Days, learning and meeting with new people. My only disappointment is that due to the closeness of a local airport, some equipment could not be fully erected. In saying that, I suppose that helped prevent a few bumped heads and neck strains from those who, like I, would be walking around with their head in the sky in sheer amazement. ­From an outsider who just took a giant leap into the world of cranes, I can honestly say Vertikal Days is a must attend event and although I felt like an imposter this year, I look forward to returning as a fully-fledged member of the crane world next year.

Emerson Crane