Presenting our NEW VOLVO FH16 8X4 & Palfinger 110T with Fly Jib

Emerson have seen a recent growth in our fleet and staff development. With all the hard work we have put in, it is safe to say we are growing in all directions. So, it’s little wonder to why we are making a massive new addition to our transport fleet. We would therefore like to officially announce, the soon arrival of our biggest truck to date. Presenting to you, in all its Glory, our: Volvo FH16 8×4 Tractor unit.

We commissioned the build of this one-of-a-kind truck way back in September 2017. We completely customised the vehicle, making it as compact and versatile as possible. With their expert engineering, Volvo, Palfinger and Transloader brought our vision to life. To perfect the truck, we specified a Palfinger PK110002 with Fly jib. This will enable us to lift heavier loads with great flexibility.

Although this truck will not be replacing any of our cranes, it will certainly prove useful for complex lifts. Especially those that require the manoeuvrability of a lorry, with the lifting capacity of a mobile crane. It will be particularly useful for our mechanical movement / lift & shift operations, as well as hot tub installations, landscape projects, facades and other similar projects. The versatility of this lorry is endless.

The Specification

This new truck has a maximum lift of 30,000 kg, and a maximum reach of 32.3m – at which it can lift 820kg. This makes it perfect for heavy haulage and specifically useful for transporting the likes of; modular buildings, rail materials, generators and industrial machines. The specification of the crane means it can also assist with the placement of its load, therefore lowering the costs of logistics.

The build of this tractor unit is now complete and is currently being sign written. We are expecting its arrival in the next couple of weeks so, keep your eyes peeled. We have already started taking bookings though, so get in touch now to hear about our competitive rates.

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