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UNIC 376 Spider Crane – Mini Spider Crane Hire London

The UNIC 376 spider crane boasts many impressive features and is a popular hire choice of ours. With a total width of only 1.3m the UNIC URW 376 mini crane also features an impressive hydraulic boom made up of six sections giving it a massive reach of almost 15m. This mid-range spider crane can be controlled either from a distance using the remote control or operated manually from the onboard seat.

If you are looking for a mini spider crane to hire in London that is suitable for a number of different applications, as its mid-range size and capacity allow for more variety of use.

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Unic URW Spec Sheet

The UNIC URW 376 mini spider crane features: 

  • Total width of 1.3m
  • Max working radius of 14.45m
  • Operator control of outrigger
  • Radio remote control as standard 

For more information about the UNIC 376 spider crane or our mini spider crane hire in general, please call on  020 8059 2567.