The Construction Industry Skills Shortage

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The shortage of skilled and trained workers in the construction industry is no secret. Complaints from those within the industry about this issue can often be heard. It can affect the speed and quality of a project, which is not something that construction companies want to be known for.

In recent months it has been noted that the skills shortage is affecting a range of work, from private skyscraper projects to the government’s Help to Buy initiative, as reported by The Guardian. It is a crisis our industry has been facing for years, but it is also a crisis we can fix.

A report last year stated that three-quarters of businesses feared a skills shortage in the next three years. The construction business needs to work very hard to remedy it’s own issues so that we do not have to fear this. It may be unrealistic to assume that we will not be included in those three-quarters, however we must do our best not to suffer too much within it by reaching out and training as many as we can.

Ways to Remedy Skills Shortage

Training is one very important answer. Role specific training is important as well as up to date knowledge and qualifications in UK regulations. At Emerson Cranes we know the importance of such training and offer courses for roles such as crane supervisor or lorry loaders.

Training, however, takes time. An apprenticeship generally takes three years and that is not a very appealing timeframe to people suffering a shortage right now. Thinking about employing and training ex-forces personnel could cut down this timeframe. Many ex-forces persons already have the skills that are desirable and relevant to many specific roles. If they have the basic skills then training can quickly build upon them to bulk up a team of well-trained construction workers. This way companies can function at their full capacity more quickly.

Training Courses for Non-English Speakers

We are passionate about training people to a high standard. In this skills shortage crisis lots of businesses employ people from a range of backgrounds, many of whom do not have English as their first language. Information can easily get lost in translation. Workers may not know the UK regulations and standards even though they possess the skills.

For this reason we offer courses in a range of languages, something we believe essential to ease concerns about lack of skills in the construction and crane hire industry. We want to help create opportunities for non-English speakers in order to help raise the level of ability in the UK’s workplaces. By bringing in trained professionals from other countries you do not have to wait three years for the end of an apprenticeship, although apprenticeships are still essential to the growth of our industry. With our training courses you can have your employees fully up to speed with UK regulations, health and safety as well as them becoming CPCS qualified.