The Advantages Of Telescopic Crawler Cranes

here are many options in crane rental. Different designs are tailored to different roles the user or company wants the crane to take on. The telescopic crawler crane is one that offers a recognisable amount of flexibility. We use and rent the 100t Liebherr LTR 1100 telescopic crane, and here’s why.

Telescopic Crane benefits

Telescopic cranes work on a boom and jib system. The boom is made up of many tubes fitted inside one another that can be extended through hydraulics. Our telescopic cranes feature a jib, or superstructure, at the top which enables the telescopic crane to work as a tower crane.

Telescopic cranes offer a very speedy set up, making them perfect for emergency or rescue jobs. But then again who doesn’t want a quick set up?

Another perk of telescopic cranes is their precision. They can place heavy loads with exactitude whilst being easily manoeuvrable and able to reach up high.

Crawler Crane benefits

Crawlers have fantastic off-road capabilities and portability. Their tracks mean that they move with ease over rugged or uneven surfaces.

The crawlers’ capabilities can be illustrated by what they have been used for, such as the Millenium Dome, Olympic Stadium and Stratford theatre. Their functionality can certainly be trusted.

The best of both worlds

Many telescopic cranes do not have the added benefit of being mobile, though some do. However the versatility of the crawler is even more useful due to its ability to cover many different and uneven surfaces. With the precision and flexibility of the telescopic crane and the boom and jib system it means that you have an incredibly adaptable crane at your finger tips.

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