Spierings SK1265-AT6 Mobile Tower Crane Hire 2019-04-25T10:45:51+00:00

Spierings SK1265-AT6 – Tower Crane Hire

The six-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 is one of the largest mobile tower cranes in the world and has already been constructed more than 110 times. The powerful engine, the high-performance pneumatic brake system and the excellent overview increase safety on construction sites and public roads. The SK1265-AT6 is the first Spierings crane with a 5th extendible jib section — combined with the four other jib sections, this delivers an unrivalled radius of 60 metres. The crane can be operated both from the cab and from the ground, so the operator always has an optimum overview of operations. No separate jib sections are required and this crane can also be fully operational in under 20 minutes. For amazing tower crane hire please click the ‘hire now‘ button below!

Spierings SK1265-AT6 Spec Sheet
Max Lifting Capacity 132tm
Maximum Load 10T (up to 13,2 m)
Tip Load 1700kg
Maximum Radius 60M
Lifting Height 35M
Tower Height 37,2M
Maximum Lifting Height 64,2M