Liebherr LTM 1040 2.1

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Emersons two-axle Liebherr LTM 1040-2.1 all-terrain crane has a maximum load capacity of 40T, and offers outstanding load carrying performance. Our 40T mobile cranes have long, continuously variable 4-section telescopic booms. These can be extended quickly, to any required length, by means of the proven hydro-mechanical telescoping system. The telescoping operation can also be performed under load.

The Liebherr LTM 1040 2.1 all-terrain crane is an extremely convenient addition to any site, as it can help tackle even the most difficult and strenuous projects. Our selection of the LTM 40T mobile crane ensures an excellent all-terrain capability on even the most confined building sites, so you can focus on the tasks at hand, without additional obstacles.


Why Choose Emerson For 40T All Terrain Crane Hire?

Selecting a reputable and reliable company is key when it comes to 40T all-terrain crane hire. Dealing with such powerful and cumbersome machinery poses a number of risks to users, as well as those in the surrounding areas. Managing these risks is primarily the responsibility of the hire company. It is vital that cranes are regularly serviced, maintained and checked for any faults that could increase risk. When you choose to hire one of our 40t mobile cranes, our team of experts will do everything they can to ensure that our cranes and the lifting operations we carry out comply with and exceed all applicable safety standards. Want to guarantee a seamless crane hire experience? Enquire about our all-terrain crane hire today.

We place safety at the forefront of our services, whilst providing our customers with tailored solutions. When you choose us, we’ll consider your individual project and specification, and will suggest the most efficient solutions for you.

For more information on our 40t all-terrain crane hire, call us on +44 20 8548 3900 or visit our Contact Us Page here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Machine Specs

40T All Terrain Cranes

  • Max Lifting Capacity: 40T
  • Telescopic Boom: 35M
  • Boom Extension: 9500MM
  • Max Radius: 39M
  • Overall Length: 10915MM
  • Crane Width: 2550MM
  • Overall Height: 3600MM
  • Fully Extended Outriggers: 6000MM
  • Standard Mat Size: 1000MM Diameter + Variobase
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Our team is extremely passionate about providing each and every one of our customers with a tailored solution to suit their individual needs and requirements. We will work with you to make sure that we provide you with the best options for you and your project.

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Liebherr LTM 1040 2.1