CPCS A60 Mobile Crane Training

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CPCS Mobile Crane Operator Training Course (A60c)

A mobile crane operator is primarily responsible for operating a travelling crane, which lifts, moves, positions, and repositions loads. Crane operation may be carried out indoors or outside depending on the job requirements. No previous experience is required, however, good hand/eye coordination is essential. In order to promote both efficiency and safety on your project, it is important to consider A60 mobile crane training, which can equip you with all you need to know in order to maintain high levels of productivity at all times.

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The Aim Of Our A60 Mobile Crane Training

The overall aims of the mobile crane operator course are to provide the participant with a strong basis of knowledge, so that they are aware of their responsibilities as a crane operator, able to rig and de-rig cranes, operate, transfer and position loads, and carry out maintenance. After completing this mobile crane operator course, the participants should be able to meet all of the demands of being a crane operator and have the knowledge and ability to identify and manage risks and ensure optimum efficiency.

Why Choose Emerson For A60 Mobile Crane Training?

Here at Emerson, we are truly passionate about providing our customers with mobile crane operator training that will really make a difference and will be extremely beneficial. Throughout our A60 mobile crane training, you will be given the opportunity to ask a member of our expert team any questions you may have, and you will be provided with accurate answers. Thanks to our wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we will supply you with the peace of mind that you are capable of safely, and effectively operating an A60 mobile crane on completion of the mobile crane operator course.
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Course Details

Course Title:
(A60) Mobile Crane

10 Days

No of Delegates:

£2700 + VAT (£3240 inc VAT)

Training Location:

The A60 mobile crane training course provides candidates with thorough practical and theory plant training to operate a Mobile Crane safely and competently.

The learning outcomes include:

✓ How to operate the crane safely
✓ How to recognise and respond to crane signals accurately
✓ Be able to correctly position the crane for a lift
✓ Competently alter jib lengths and associated safety devices
✓ Carry out routine plant maintenance and minor adjustment
✓ Recognise and apply the principles of safe slinging and balancing a load
✓ Statutory regulations and Codes of Practice applicable to lifting operations
✓ Transport regulations and preparing for travel on the public highway
✓ Effects of shock loading on structural strength, stability and load-displacement

Further Learning:

Candidates can study towards A66c or d Compact Crane Operator, Crane Supervisor or Appointed Person training

Other options for this course:

✓ This course can be taken without the CPCS Technical Test, which would award Emerson certification.

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CPCS A60 Mobile Crane Training