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    At Emerson, where we offer a comprehensive range of lifting solutions designed to streamline heavy-duty tasks. Among our esteemed fleet stands the DAF CF75 RIGID HIAB, a pinnacle of efficiency and reliability.

    Imagine this: With its crane arm, the DAF CF75 facilitates seamless loading and unloading of substantial cargo without the need for extensive equipment, thus optimising both time and resources. Meticulously engineered, our HIAB truck features a crane integrated onto a modified chassis, culminating in a self-loading and unloading apparatus.

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    At Emerson, our HIAB trucks are suited for a wide range of heavy-duty lifting and transport jobs, including the Volvo FM 32 Tonne 65TM with optional fly jib. Equipped with remarkable features, this vehicle stands ready to overcome any challenge while upholding our high safety standards.

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    At Emerson, we take pride in our HIAB Volvo FM 32 – 65TM, exemplifying excellence in lifting solutions to meet your lifting needs.
    Experience unparalleled versatility with our Volvo FM truck, boasting a diverse range of Transport HIAB crane configurations to ensure optimal lifting operations while maintaining the highest safety standards. With exceptional mobility and manoeuvrability, this vehicle excels even in confined spaces, ensuring seamless task execution without compromising safety.