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    Our CPCS Slinger Signaller Course (A40)

    The Slinger Signaller is one of the most highly regarded jobs on a construction site, requiring a strong degree of skill, diligence, and concentration. Working alongside the lifting teams, they provide safe direction to the crane operators. Their main responsibility is to ensure the safety of the operators, and any other workers or site visitors that could be at risk. The Slinger Signaller course will give you an opportunity to learn new skills whilst enhancing ones you may already have.

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    CPCS Mobile Crane Operator Training Course (A60c)

    A mobile crane operator is primarily responsible for operating a travelling crane, which lifts, moves, positions, and repositions loads. Crane operation may be carried out indoors or outside depending on the job requirements. No previous experience is required, however, good hand/eye coordination is essential. In order to promote both efficiency and safety on your project, it is important to consider A60 mobile crane training, which can equip you with all you need to know in order to maintain high levels of productivity at all times.

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    CPCS Appointed Person Course (Lifting Operations A61)

    At Emerson Cranes, we provide the CPCS Appointed Person Training Course (A61) qualification. This Appointed Person training course is designed for those who are responsible for the planning and execution of Lifting Operations. This essential course is delivered over 5 days. Legislation requires candidates that are taking the role of planning and executing lifting operations to have passed the technical test, in order to ensure maximum safety at all times. Our CPCS A61 Appointed Person Course is the perfect preparation method before taking the technical test.

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    CPCS Crane Supervisor Course (A62)

    Crane Supervisors are responsible for supervising safe lifting operations and following the lift plan prepared by the Appointed Person. The A62 Crane Supervisor Training Course explains how to safely supervise lifting operations to ensure compliance with the law. Protecting the health and safety of all employees and of those who may be affected by their actions, the CPCS Crane Supervisor Course is an extremely worthwhile investment. It will undoubtedly ensure that upon completion, your staff are equipped to supervise crane operations safely and effectively.

    Emerson’s deliver a 4 day A62 Crane Supervisor course

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    (Endorsement A: Static Stabilisers or Endorsement D: 360 Pick and Carry)

    This course is aimed at anyone who is required to operate compact cranes with little or no compact crane experience. Good hand-to-eye coordination is essential for compact crane or spider crane operation. No previous experience is required for the A66 training, however, at Emerson, we deliver both A66a and A66d at Foundation level and Experienced. We provide thorough and practical training to ensure you are completely qualified to operate compact cranes.

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    You should be aware that changes to the Slinger Signaller A95 category were introduced during 2015, meaning if you passed your test before 2015 you are now only CPCS accredited Slinger Signaller static. Unfortunately, this only allows you to work with stationary cranes such as tower cranes or mobile cranes on blocked duties. This Slinger Signaller upgrade course enhances your ability to keep a load under control during movement meaning any projects you partake in will adhere to all health and safety guidelines.