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    Whether you are a novice or have previous experience in the industry, one of our ALLMI lorry loader training courses will be suited to you. A lorry loader is a piece of heavy machinery that uses hydraulic attachments to pick up and deposit materials onto a long bed at the rear of the vehicle. In order for you to learn how to correctly and safely operate this machinery, we offer an ALLMI lorry loader course. Utilising this machinery can be extremely beneficial in ensuring that productivity remains at optimum levels throughout your project, getting your work done efficiently and safely. A speedy loading and unloading of the lorry is a quick process that helps minimise delays and waiting times during a construction project. A lorry loader takes on the tasks of moving large amounts of material to, from and around construction sites. Their usage saves a lot of time and also multiple trips, allowing labour to be focused on other areas of the project. Lorry transport large varieties of materials, for example, dirt, gravel, sand and raw minerals.