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    Mini Spider Crane Hire Services In London

    The UNIC 376 Spider Crane boasts many impressive features and is a popular hire choice available from Emerson. With a total width of only 1.3m the UNIC URW 376 mini crane features an impressive hydraulic boom made up of six sections. This gives it an impressive reach of almost 15m and a maximum lift capacity of 2.9T, whilst retaining the compact nature and versatility attributed to spider cranes. This mid-range spider crane can be controlled either from a distance using the remote control or operated manually from the onboard seat.

    If you are looking for a mini spider crane to hire in London or the home counties, we are bound to have something to suit your needs. The UNIC 376 spider crane is suitable for a number of different applications, as its mid-range size and capacity allow for more variety of use.

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    Mini Spider Crane Hire, London

    The UNIC 295 Spider Crane is one of an ample range of mini spider cranes available for hire at Emerson. With the ability to fit through standard door frames, the UNIC URW 295 spider crane also has an impressive lifting capacity of up to 3T. Its total width is 0.6m and it can work to a radius of 8.41m.

    Our UNIC 295 Spider Crane, available to hire in London and its surrounding areas, is an ideal mini spider crane for a small project in a compact space. With our URW 295 mini spider crane hire services, you do not have to allow the reduced space of your site to stand in your way and complicate things. Instead, you will be able to carry out work with ease.

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    Our UNIC URW 706 Spider Crane has a 6T capacity at a height of up to 3m, and a maximum hook height of almost 20m. The URW 706 hire option is suitable for a wide range of small-space lifting operations.

    Due to its small structure, with a width of only 1.6m, the UNIC URW 706 Spider Crane can fit through standard-sized double doors. Controlled remotely or manually from the onboard operator’s seat, this crane utilises the latest advancements in technology.

    This high-end 6T Mini Spider Crane has performed a multitude of successful lifts and, due to its versatility, became one of our most requested cranes hired for the London Olympics 2012. If you’re looking to implement increased efficiency on your site, the URW 706 hire option is the ideal choice for you.