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Customer Relationship: Emerson has worked with various customers in the […]

Customer Relationship:

Emerson has worked with various customers in the Rail Industry for many years and we were recently contracted to lift and shift tampers, rail grinders, preformed track panels and excavators, dumpers, to support Transport for London complete a project at Morden Tube station, in the South East of London.

The continuous communication when writing and the well-planned operations permitted Emerson to effectively scope the requirements and delivered on site. Richard Watkinson, our Senior Appointed Person at Emerson lead the team on site ensuring that Health and Safety procedures were followed by all site users. In carrying out the job, Emerson demonstrated professionalism, calmness and competence, focusing on the customer’s needs.


  • Lift and shift
  • Health & Safety
  • Communication & Planning
  • Customer focus

Project Outline:

The work was contracted to Emerson by Transport for London based on previous successful works carried out in August 2011 (at Amos Grove) and November 2015 (at Golders Green). Both sites were difficult to access and led to few logistical challenges. However, Emerson’s precision in the planning stage coupled with the Strong Health and Safety culture when getting the work done, resulted in the delivery of a smooth and positive project. The Contract Lift was completed by using the Liebherr LTM 1130 (130t) and the Liebherr LTM 1200 (200t).

Hence the same approach was applied and followed at Modern, South West London, where the no-accident target was easily achieved as works were carried out compliantly and efficiently. Also, the project was completed on time thanks to Emerson staff working as one organised team.

Project Success & Positive Feedback:

The success of this project helps to strengthen Emerson’s relationship with Transport for London, collaboration that has been growing over the years.

Testimonial by Michael Hayes – Track Quality Manager at Transport for London.

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