(NVQ) (NVQ) National Vocational Qualifications at Emerson Cranes

How we can help you get your foot in the door

We offer a number of different National Vocational Qualification courses that will undoubtedly set you off on the right foot in the crane industry. We would be honoured to be a part of your future. Here’s a look at the qualifications available and some information about the courses.

Red to Blue CPCS Cards

Upon completing a CPCS course, you will be issued with a Red Trained Operator card which is valid for up to two years. To then upgrade to a Blue Card, you will need to complete an NVQ programme alongside CITB health, safety and environment test. Upon satisfactory completion you will be issued with your CPCS Competent Operator card, also known as the CPCS Blue Card.

What is a National Vocational Qualification?

A National Vocational Qualification is a portfolio based qualification that allows you to demonstrate your theoretical and practical knowledge through written examples, observations, witness testimonies and questioning. During your induction your assessor will explain what information is required to complete your portfolio and you will then collect the evidence required, complete the written documentation and book in your site observations. All of these factors will prove that you are experienced and competent in carrying out tasks based on the topics you have worked on in your vocational course.

Once your portfolio is completed you can then apply for your CPCS Competent Operator Blue card through CITB

Emerson Operator cards

Below you can see the National Vocational Courses that we offer.

We offer a number of different National Vocational Qualification courses that will undoubtedly provide you with a solid basis in the crane industry. The options we offer are listed below:

Level 2

  • Slinger Signaller
  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Compact Crane Operator
  • Forward Tipping Dumper
  • Telescopic Handler
  • Lorry Loader
  • Excavator

Level 4

  • Crane Supervision

Level 5

  • Appointed Person

If you’re looking for a CPCS or a National Vocational Qualification, pick from our selection of courses to kick-start or enhance your crane career. Get in touch with Emerson Cranes today on 020 8059 2546. We can help get things moving in the right direction.

Course Details & Booking


Level  2 – £750 + VAT
Level 4 – £880 + VAT
Level 5 – £1250 + VAT