He’s moving on up – Ian Park…

Emerson are ever growing and believe in investing in our staff. When we see them flourish in their role we see it as essential to nurture them; ensuring they have access to the resources they need to grow within themselves, their role and the business.

Ian’s Journey:

Ian Park joined us over 8 years ago as a Crane Operator. He started with our smaller 20T cranes and worked his way through our fleet, eventually operating our larger 300T crane. He later progressed into a lift supervisor role, where he found that his previous 12.5 years of hands on experience as a site supervisor for a company that deal with the removal and installation of lifts and escalators, helped him succeed in his role. The knowledge he gained with his prior experience really complimented his natural ability as a lift supervisor. Ian thrived in this role; his enthusiasm and his competence was second to none, so it seemed like it was only natural to progress him further.

We would therefore like to congratulate Ian and welcome him into his new role as Mechanical Movement Manager. Ian will mainly be dealing with Mechanical Movement / Lift and Shift, and complex projects that require a specialist to ensure that the project runs smoothly and successfully. Ian is that specialist. Ian knows just about everything there is to know about Mechanical Movement and his ability to problem solve and find the solution to some of our more complex lifts can only be described as remarkable.

Ian says: “I am really excited about my new role, I’ am determined to put my knowledge in mechanical movements to the best of use and hopefully make this side of the company grow by taking on bigger and more complex projects.”

Emerson are happy to welcome Ian Park into his new role and look forward to seeing him undoubtedly grow within this role.

If you require any Mechanical Movement or Lift and Shift services, then feel free to give Ian a call on 0208 548 3900, or email: ian.park@emersoncranes.co.uk, LinkedIn: Ian Park

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