How Crane Hire Can Save You Valuable Money and Time

Cranes are precious resources on a worksite and have the ability to lift objects that would otherwise be impossible to raise. Apart from the amazing lifting power of a crane, hiring such a machine can be an amazing time and money saver.

There are a great many cranes out there, and each type of crane has different footprints and lift-ratings. But owning a crane is an expensive endeavour. And if you want it for a few lifting jobs, renting a crane is far more sensible than buying and operating one yourself.

Saving Time and Money

Your business may be reaching the point where lifting heavy loads is a daily event, and you may think the time has come to buy a crane. But before you pull out the cheque book, consider why hiring a crane may save you both time and money.

How crane hiring services can save you money and time include:

  • Flexibility
  • Maintenance
  • Delivery
  • Productions Speeds
  • Quality Ongoing Service


Cranes are huge pieces of machinery, and they need a home at the end of the day. A crane needs a space to live when it is not in use. Buying a crane means that you need to find and pay for the space to store it and pay for the crane driver even when there are no projects.

By renting a crane, the inconvenience of storing it is with the hiring company, offering value for money in construction. The crane driver does not form a part of your ongoing payroll, and you do not have to pay for their training.

And you get to choose the size of the crane that best suits the job of the day, rather than a one-crane-fits-all approach. You can rent smaller and less expensive cranes for most of the time and bring in the big guns when you need to.


It costs a lot to buy a crane and pay an operator, but some other hidden costs can also add up. Buying a crane means that you need to stay on top of maintaining this complex piece of machinery and to ensure that it keeps its certification.

Maintenance costs can and will include:

crane hiring services

Basic Maintenance — As with a car, the engine oils and filters need checking and periodic topping up, and cleaning. Tires and brake pads on mobile cranes have short lifespans and will need regular replacements. It is possible to do these things in-house, though it still costs money.

Hydraulics — Hydraulic pipes are under incredible pressure — often over 700 times that at sea-level. A catastrophic failure of a hydraulic hose can cause jets of high-pressure fluid to shoot out. Replacing hydraulic pipes is a specialised occupation, and a professional repair is worth the money.

Reviews — Safety reviews are vital for keeping a crane safe for those working around it. This involves regular inspection of all the load-bearing parts of the crane by a qualified professional. You need to either put this professional on the payroll or bring them in ad-hoc to inspect your crane.


Hiring a crane from the professionals at Emerson Crane Hire Limited means that you get the right crane for the day. Cranes are valuable on a worksite, but they can also get in the way. A mobile crane is quick to erect and as fast to move away, leaving more space for everyone else to do their work.

Production Speeds

Even a small crane can make a dramatic difference to the work pace and the number of people you need. You can move smaller loads into a site, such as boxes of tiles, with manual lifting and many trips. But why waste human resources when you can lift an entire pallet of tiles with a crane and a single person to guide it.

Quality Ongoing Service

Once you have the experience of lifting with Emerson Crane Hire, you will get an idea of other ways in which crane hire can help your business. Our crew and help office can guide you through the many crane variations that may suit other projects you have in the pipeline.


By hiring a crane, you are getting the machine and a valuable experienced crew member. Our crews have to have the training and be able to think on their feet. A crane operator with experience will know to suggest better crane placement, loading areas, and safer lift routes.


Purchasing a crane is more than having the finances — it is about having the time and the staff to keep it safe. Crane hire is a simple and cost-effective way of dealing with your lifting needs, without having to manage more equipment.

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