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Our heavy all-terrain cranes offer the same perks as regular all-terrain cranes but are able to lift a heavier load. Despite their heavier capabilities, they are just as efficient and convenient. We offer a nationwide service, operating a fleet of mobile cranes ranging from 200T to 450T. There’s no project too big for Emerson, with strategic partnerships in place to support our customers on lifts of up to 1000T across the UK. With no need to worry about the scale of the project, we are able to offer you expert solutions with our mobile crane hire services.

Our Cranes

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    200T Heavy All-Terrain Crane Hire

    At Emerson, we offer 200T mobile crane hire services. As one of the largest cranes in our ready-to-dispatch inventory, the Liebherr 200t heavy all-terrain crane can handle big lifting requirements. These cranes have a maximum duty of lifting 200 tons, with a total of 100 tons of ballast and super lift ready-fitted. The lifting capabilities and durability of our Liebherr LTM 1200 5.1, make it an extremely effective addition to your site, making light work of even the larger and heavier lifts.

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    At Emerson, we are extremely proud to offer our Liebherr LTM 1230 for hire. This 230T mobile crane is at the larger end of our crane hire fleet and is perfect for those bigger construction jobs. Our 230t all-terrain crane for hire is well equipped to handle heavy lifts while maintaining manoeuvrability at construction sites. It has a 75m max telescopic boom with a maximum lifting capacity of 230t at a 86m radius. So, if you are looking for a high-quality heavy-lifting solution to help you with your large project, the Liebherr LTM 1230 – 5.1 is an impressive and reliable option. This 5-axle mobile crane is therefore ideal for working with the boom fully raised and at large hook heights.

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    The Liebherr LTM 1300 6.2 300T crane has an impressive maximum lifting capacity of 300T. This 300T mobile crane has a full range of benefits and features. The Liebherr LTM 1300 6.2 can lift at a 3m radius with a 78m main boom and a folding fly that is hydraulically adjustable under load. It also offers key features that include a Single Euro 4 engine concept with Liebherr ECO mode for fuel saving and very strong reduced support base functionality with 4 positions for 360° duties, making this 300 tonne mobile crane a great all-rounder.

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    Heavy All-Terrain Crane Hire

    This 450T mobile crane now takes pride of place as the largest all terrain crane in our fleet. With its maximum duty of lifting 450 tonnes, the Liebherr 450 tonne mobile crane has great mobility and hoists 20 tonnes using a fully extended 85m telescopic boom, so you don’t have to compromise between reach and mobility when hiring this crane. This impressive 450T heavy all-terrain crane makes light work of tough lifts and is a great addition to any project.

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