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Health & Safety

Safety and Welfare is the most important of our Company Values, as voted for by all our colleagues. Our commitment is that our staff, our clients, sub-contractors, others working alongside us or near us on site as well as the general public will be protected from harm wherever and whenever we work.

Environment & Sustainability

Regular review of our Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register enables us to implement continual improvement in relation to our effects on the local and wider environment. We ensure our waste products are individually dealt with and we only use accredited waste contractors who utilise the principals of reuse and recycle as much as possible. Less than 5% of our waste goes to landfill.

Our company policy is to buy only new vehicles that come with biodegradable oils and we are investing in new technologies such as “ad blue” and Hybrid vehicles which reduce our measured carbon footprint and other potentially harmful emissions. All our vehicles surpass emissions standards laid down by TFL and the London Low Emission Zone. Having our own extensively equipped workshops and highly experienced engineers means our vehicles are kept in the best running order possible at all times, limiting emissions and other environmental impacts.


Our commitment to each of our customers is to provide a truly outstanding level of plant, product and service. In order to achieve this we have achieved and maintain an accredited Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Ensuring our core business activities are robust, visible and measurable means our customers can be sure of an efficient, effective and sound experience with us from original enquiry, all the way through to delivering our plant and services on site and then with post service support.

Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR)

Emerson recognises that it has a far reaching impact on the local and wider community, beyond that of legal and statutory compliance. The company has neighbours, both corporate and residential who may be affected on a daily basis by our operations and general work activities. We recognise a responsibility to not only prevent harming our local environment, but to act as a force for good and help improve the local community and positively develop relationships. We are commitment to procuring where possible and providing local employment opportunities across the business.


Emerson recognises that its stakeholders such as; employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, government organisations and local residents should be treated with the highest level of service and respect at all times so that our impact is always a positive one.
Emerson ensures that all of our stakeholders are protected by having the correct procedures and policies in place and that these are monitored and reviewed to ensure we are compliant. We aim to deliver Best Practice and beyond in all that we do and have introduced policies such as; Equal Opportunities and Discrimination Policy, Human Rights Policy, Valuing Diversity and Dignity at Work Policy and Cyber Security Policy.