Introducing our new Head of Technical – Ian O’Sullivan

Behind the scenes Emerson have been putting in the work. We have adopted new, brighter and fresher colours, making it more obvious that more of our vehicles have been hitting the roads and bringing attention to the increase in popularity of our fleet at high end schemes.

Our recent expansions have not just ended with our fleet though. We recently welcomed Ian O’Sullivan to our team. Ian has joined as Head of Technical and will specifically be supporting our Appointed Persons.

With over 20 years’ experience in the crane industry, and having worked with cranes between 200-1000 tonne, we believe that Ian will live up to our expectations and bring his heavy crane experiences to the table – strengthening our team’s knowledge and experience in the industry.

Ian says: “I am really already enjoying working with Emerson and building on the Heavy Crane Division – it’s what I do best. I will be building and strengthening relationships with both new and existing clients, and I am hoping that my knowledge and understanding of CAD can help me do this. In terms of the day to day running of the team, I plan to simplify things and make procedures more efficient”.

Previously an Engineer Manager, Ian has had the privilege of working on worldwide projects, which has taken him across the globe, to places as close to home as Holland, but also as far as the USA. Luckily, he has a passion for travelling.

When speaking to Ian, it is clear that he is not afraid of a challenge, he holds bounds of knowledge and experience and has a love and understanding of cranes, that is second to none.

Emerson are very happy to welcome Ian on board and we are looking forward to seeing him shine. If you would like the join the Emerson team, then please click here for current vacancies.