Four Advantages of Mobile Cranes

The decision to use a mobile crane, rather than a tower crane, is more complex than looking at the cost of renting it. A mobile crane can offer a range of features that make them superior to other forms of lifting machine.

Tower cranes are difficult to move, they take time to erect, and the lifting diameter is impossible to extend.

The Benefits of Mobile cranes are:

  • Mobile
  • Quick to Set Up
  • Compact
  • Versatile

The Advantages of a Mobile Crane

Often when you think of a mobile crane, you may think of them as short-term solutions for small lifting jobs. But a modern mobile crane can out-score a tower crane in most features, starting with:

1. Mobility

As you will know, once a tower crane is in the plans and given a pad on a construction site, it is there to stay till the end of construction. If the site is on pause due to public health concerns, you cannot remove a tower crane, and the cost of renting it will continue.

A crane can be a short-term or a long-term endeavour. You can pick the largest of drivable cranes for those one-off tasks and go back to renting a smaller crane for the day-to-day lifting duties. With the benefits of mobile cranes, you are saving money and space on the worksite.

A mobile crane is easy to move to an area with better road access for delivery lorries, so you can get the load closer to the destination. And you can choose to set up the crane in a place that will provide the safest route for the lift to pass over the site.

2. Setup Time

You do not need to spend a lot of time preparing a site for a mobile crane. As long as the soil is firm or there is a nearby road, you can operate a mobile crane. All-terrain cranes have complete counterweight systems that can cope well with dirt roads and large loads.

A mobile crane comes as a single piece of equipment, and these need little time to prepare and erect at the destination. A tower crane will need several lorries to transport the various sections and weights, and still need a way to lift the pieces into position.

Once a mobile crane reaches the destination and the point of operation, it is quick to secure. Modern pneumatics can spread the weight of a crane and extend a boom in minutes. And these giants are also fast to remove from the site, leaving more space for the rest of the construction equipment.

3. Footprint

For small village passes and the busy roads of a city, where space is tight, you will need a smaller city crane. These smaller cranes are less trouble to fit down lanes but are also shorter and easier to drive beneath low bridges.

The compact size of such a crane will also mean that you may not be blocking off roads and creating traffic. The larger the crane, the more difficult it can be to get the permit to use them in public spaces. And the time taken to get these permits can cause costly delays.

The size means that a city crane can wait nearby, causing little to no traffic disruption, until it is ready for use. And a smaller crane can also lift and swing loads in tighter spaces than other forms of lifting machine.

4. Power and Precision

A mobile crane is not a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. It is possible to use a tower crane for any size of lifting job, from the occasional skip lift to a portable toilet. But this can be a wasteful use of a crane when a small crane will do the work with equal skill.

With a mobile crane, you can choose the tool that best suits the job of the day, improving both safety and efficiency. Mobile cranes can lift far more than a tower crane, such as is the case with our Liebherr 450-ton behemoth.

And if you are looking for the height and precision of a tower crane, consider the convenience of one on a mobile unit. A mobile tower crane can drive onto a site with limited space, and then be ready to use in as little as 20 minutes.

5. Convenience

A mobile crane has the power and precision to perform almost any lift with exactness and a superior level of safety. Any mobile crane is quick to get on to a site and move when you need the space. And the small footprint of a mobile crane means that local consents can be easier to get, and there is less aggravation to the general public.

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