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Crane Mats

It can be essential at times, depending on ground conditions, that crane mats of various shapes, sizes, and material make up are used to dissipate the cranes point loadings from the outriggers when the crane is set up and ready for work.

Emerson’s can supply a vast range of engineered crane mats to suit every application, these include timber mats, steel mats, ekki mats, eva foam mats, nylacast mats, plastic mats and steel road plates. Because of the size and weight of these mats it is very often not possible to locate on the crane, so they are normally delivered on on one of Emerson’s HIAB or artic lorries and can be pre laid prior to the cranes arrival.

Emerson’s will also hire these crane mats to clients for use without one of our cranes. It is always advisable to have one of our site surveyors attend your site to view the conditions and restraints.

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