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Contract Lifting Services In London

What Is Contract Lift?

Here at Emerson Cranes, we provide contract lifting services and solutions in and around London. There are two main available options when using an Emerson Crane, these are CPA Hire and Contract Lift. Before choosing which service option you will go with, it is important to understand what each one involves.

CPA hire puts most of the responsibility on the customer. The customer, therefore, has a duty to provide all the relevant documentation and insurance cover, ensuring that the crane and the lift operation meet the necessary legal requirements, certifications & standards. Emerson will only be responsible for providing a crane that is properly maintained, tested, and certificated, along with a qualified and competent Crane Operator.

Our Contract Lifting service differs in that Emerson will take responsibility for the lifting operation. You will be provided with the crane, lifting equipment and tackle, documentation, and certification. On top of that, with our Contract Lift service we will take care of the necessary personnel to plan and undertake the lift; including a dedicated Appointed Person, Crane Supervisor, Crane Operator, and Slinger/Signaller.
Deciding which option is best for you will be dependent on the nature of your project, your experience with using cranes, and the risks involved in completing a particular job.

What Is Included in Contract Lift Services

When opting for our contract lift services, you’ll be assigned an Appointed Person who will have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of all lifting operations. They will conduct an on-site inspection and will plan and manage the lift, as well as provide a full set of Risk Assessments & Method Statement (RAMS) and lifting plan.

Our Slinger / Signallers, Crane Operators, and Crane Supervisors have undergone extensive training, coupled with their experience can carry out any contract lift to a high standard; making sure that the lift goes according to plan and as smoothly as possible. When you choose our contract lifting solutions, you are provided with the peace of mind that the lift will be completed both safely and effectively.

We will also make sure that the crane provided for your contract lift will be a suitable spec and capacity, ensuring that it has been properly maintained, tested, and certificated. Emerson works in accordance with BS 7121 and LOLER 1998, so you can rest assured that all work conducted will be of a high standard. We can also provide a service where we liaise with local authorities and highway services to deal with road closure permits, parking, suspensions and traffic management. We consider every aspect that could delay your project and provide solutions so that your contract lift is not halted.

With a zero-tolerance mindset towards health and safety, we have full confidence in what we do, however, we still have insurance in place that will cover loss of / damage to Emerson plant or to other property. We have a standard cover of £30,000 in respect of the value of goods lifted (additional goods lifted cover is available if required). In respect of loss or damage to third party property and injury to third party persons, our maximum liability is £20,000,0000.

How Can You Use Our Contract Lift Solutions?

We have depots in East London / Essex and West London / Buckinghamshire, however, our Contract Lift service is available nationwide. Here at Emerson Cranes, we will ensure that you receive the best services available no matter how big or small your project may seem, all we need from you is accurate information relating to both the items to be lifted and for ground conditions. We can deal with the rest!
If you are still unsure of whether CPA or contract crane hire is best for you, our expert team is on hand to offer expert advice and guidance specific to you and your project, so you do not need to worry.

To make use of our Contract Lifting services, call us today on: 0208 548 3900 or email: hiredesk@emersoncranes.co.uk

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