Safety When Working Around Cranes

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Safety When Working Around Cranes How To Stay Safe Working In Close Proximity To Cranes Being aware of the dangers that operating a crane can bring helps to keep everybody on the construction site safe. On top of being aware of the operational dangers of cranes, there are also hazards that come with simply working

The Importance of Crane Safety Requirements

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The Importance of Crane Safety Requirements What is Crane Safety? Emerson Cranes is a leading crane hire company, with a wide variety of cranes in our fleet. As reliable and experienced suppliers of high quality lifting solutions, the health and safety of our customers and the general public is of paramount importance to us.  We

Crane Operator Safety Tips

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Crane Operator Safety Tips At Emerson Cranes, we know that crane safety begins with choosing the right crane for the job. Our Crane Hire Service provides you with the flexibility to choose the perfect crane on a project-to-project basis. It’s our responsibility to ensure that all equipment is safe to use and regularly serviced, maintained

Understanding the Major Hazards in Crane Operation and How to Reduce the Risk of Accidents

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Understanding the Major Hazards in Crane Operation and How to Reduce the Risk of Accidents Why Meeting Crane Operation Safety Standards Is So Important Cranes are relied upon by many construction and manufacturing companies worldwide for lifting and transporting materials. When installed, used, and maintained correctly and when crane safety standards are met, cranes make


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10 Fun Facts About Cranes Cranes have been around for a long time and are a staple of any construction site or cityscape. Cranes have come a long way from the first rudimentary see-saw-like machines of pre-biblical times to some of the huge multi-storey behemoths seen on large engineering projects in current times. Such a

Warning Signs That A Crane May Need Repairs

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Why You Should Always Service Your Lifting Equipment  Cranes and hoists can be an essential tool throughout many industries, such as construction, events and rail. At Emerson Cranes, you can be assured that our expert team regularly service all of our equipment and that safety is our top priority. We understand that safety is important


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Although we may not give them much thought, bridges are a part of our everyday lives. Throughout the ages bridges have garnered our admiration for their symbolic value and as fetes of engineering, overcoming geographical challenges. It’s no secret that building and maintaining bridges is highly specialised work, as well as work that is vastly

CRANE HIRE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS – Understanding how cranes work

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How does a crane work? Although archaeological records show the use of crane-like machines in ancient Mesopotamia, utilised for irrigation, evidence of machines that operate for similar purposes as modern-day cranes date back to ancient Greece, to around 6.000 B.C.   There are a number of types of cranes nowadays, but they all operate in accordance

Have you ever considered a mobile crane operator job? How to kick-start your career within the crane industry

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Have you ever considered a mobile crane operator job? How to kick-start your career within the crane industry. Ever considered a career as a crane operator? If so, there has never been a better time. With salaries rising and the demand for highly specialised professionals around the country on the increase, there are plenty of

Extreme Weather and Crane Operation – The Main Dangers

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Extreme Weather and Crane Operation Like all machines, there are optimal working conditions in which a crane operation can run smoothly and safely. Due to the size and nature of crane lifting equipment, it’s imperative that special attention is paid to the working conditions for cranes. The operation of cranes are tightly regulated in the