New Years Day Parade 2016

Emerson were very proud to be chosen to be involved in the gran finale event of this years New Years Day Parade in London involving the famous illusionist Darcy Oake.

One of our new 40t Liebherr’s was used and the team involved consisted of Richard Watkinson, Jamie Pugh and Jamie Whenold.

Darcy was suspended approximately 3.5m in the air with his hands shackled to a board attached to a square box which was also padlocked shut in which his head was placed and filled with water.

The task was for him to hold his breath whilst picking all the locks then lowering him to ground level to release the securing boards, this was all done on a live broadcast in front of the main grandstand with only a dry practise run beforehand in the morning.

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January 1st, 2016



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New Years Day Parade 2016
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