If a person is suffering from a panic attack they can get some relief by taking Xanax. A person will need to have a prescription from their doctor to take this medication.

When a person is prescribed anxiety to help treat a panic disorder they should begin by taking 0.5mg as needed or as directed by the doctor. This can be taken up to three times a day. As a person adjusts to the Xanax and how it will affect them they can increase their dosage to 1mg three times a day if they still need this. A doctor may also recommend behavioral therapies to help a person work to deal with their panic disorder and any triggers that will lead to this condition. A doctor may also try other medications before prescribing Xanax for a panic disorder.

Xanax will help the chemicals known as GABA in the brain work more effectively. This chemical is responsible for the feeling of calmness and helps the body calm down in a stressful situation. The Xanax will help the GABA that is already in the bodywork more effectively and allow a person to have a more intense calming effect. A person may start on a smaller dose of Xanax when they first begin to take it and may need to see their doctor have their dosage slowly increased. The body will begin to make less GABA and more Xanax will be needed to help reach the calming feeling. If a person feels their current prescription is no longer working for them it is important to speak to their doctor.

When taking incorrectly Xanax can be addictive. A person must follow the recommendation of the doctor when they are using Xanax so they do not become addicted. When Xanax is used over a short time then there is less of a chance of becoming addicted. The longer Xanax is used for the greater the chance of addiction is. People like the pleasurable and calming effects that this medication provides. The people that are at the highest risk for addiction and those that have been prescribed 4mg or more a day and prescribed this amount for longer than 12 weeks.

The long term use of Xanax can develop a dependence on the mind and the body. If a person were to cut back or stop their Xanax use there may be some withdrawal symptoms that they may experience. A person may experience dysphoria, blurred vision, loss of appetite, problems with concentration, depression, a feeling of pins and needles on the skin, sweating, mood swings, and muscle cramps among some other symptoms. Not everyone will experience all of the same symptoms. A person may be experiencing addiction if they are taking more than the recommended amount and taking it more frequently than suggested. The longer a person has used Xanax the greater the chance they have of developing a dependence. This medication needs to be used under the close supervision of a doctor and should be used on a needed basis.

Brand New Training Centre

Emerson Training Services are happy to announce the official opening of their brand new designated training centre. Located across the road from the Emerson Crane Hire main offices on Freshwater Road this 1 acre unit has its own training office, three purpose fitted training rooms along with its own 300 square metres of multiple test area outside. The centre also has its own large on-site parking area, reception, fully equipped kitchen area, and break out room for all attendees to enjoy a well-deserved rest.


Emerson Training Service’s main goal is to help make the lifting industry as a whole a safer industry, providing a first class training service that meets the need of all of our clients but also provide the key training courses for our employees including; Operators, Slingers/Signallers, Appointed Persons and even for our office and workshop staff with essential first aid courses to ensure a safe working environment.

The first 3 courses at this new centre were held there this week: a 2 day Slinger/Signaller course, a 4 day Crane Supervisor course, and finally a 5 day Appointed Person course. For any further information on the courses available please contact Cathie Jackson our Training Coordinator on 020 8548 3900 or email info@emersontrainingservices.co.uk.

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