Bio Hydraulic Oil

Emerson realised a long time ago that there is an increasing awareness of the environmental impact of the large volume of lubricants entering the environment and, consequently, mineral-based lubricants in environmentally sensitive areas are being gradually replaced by biodegradable fluids.

Bio hydraulic oil

To protect the environment, we believe that the use of environmentally considerate lubricants is essential, particularly where either the risk of spillage is high or total loss of lubrication applies. However, the technical performance of such lubricants must have equal priority, that is why all of our cranes are purchased from the manufacturer with Bio oil specified, we know that our cranes will perform to the expected levels with no compromise, just the added re-assurance for our customers that it is one less thing to worry about.


Bio hydraulic oil is readily biodegradable, virtually non-toxic and has been developed using specially selected additives and vegetable oils. These hydraulic fluids are suitable for virtually all hydraulic systems and should form part of any forward-thinking companies’ consideration when planning jobs that require hydraulic machinery or plant.

Although the cost of implementing a bio oil fleet is considerable even when purchasing from new it is a cost that Emerson believe is worth it where the environment is concerned.

hydraulic oil

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