A Brief Guide To Our Cranes

Our stock of cranes range from the small-space specialist spider and the mini-crawler to the crane of film sets, Olympic stadiums and more. Here we have put together a list which showcases some of our famous cranes and their unique applications.

Spider Cranes

The arachnids of the crane world, due to their size and versatility. They can fit through door frames and run on different types of power, including diesel, electricity & gas.

They are ideal for working in small, tough-to-access spaces and inside buildings. Often these cranes are used for erecting steel work, installing glass and maintaining railways.

The UNIC-295 crane (pictured above) has a total width of just 0.6m and can work to a radius of 8.41m.

The UNIC-376 spider can be operated either by a remote or the manual seat controls. It has a width of 1.3m but an impressive reach of 15m, making it useful to carry out jobs indoors and outdoors which many other cranes would not be versatile enough for.

Mini Crawler Cranes

Ideal for outdoor use and accessing tight spaces. The mini crawlers have an operating cab and can travel across diverse types of terrain.

The lifting capability of our mini crawlers ranges from 4.9t to 8t capacity.

For its size, the Kobelco CK90UR is one of our true workhorses. With a lifting capacity of up to 5t and a boom range of over 15m. It stands at just 3m tall and 2m in width and comes well equipped for tough conditions whatever the weather.

General Cranes

These range greatly in size, lifting capacity (8t – 90t) and terrain suitability. Each crane is geared towards particular jobs, but whatever that job is, we will be able to provide the perfect crane to efficiently complete the work required.

The most versatile and economic of our cranes would be the25T Truck Kato with a boom length of up to 31 meters.

Our smallest general crane is the 20T City Kobelco which, despite its size, is perfect for small industrial operations due to its compactness, maneuverability and strength that competes with some of our largest cranes. This small powerhouse crane was used for on-site lifting during the development of London’s 2012 Olympic Stadium.

Our 40t Liebherr LTM is ideal for carrying heavy loads in many types of environment. This crane has two axles with a variable 4-section telescopic boom that extends quickly to your desired length.

From our extensive fleet of all terrain cranes the 80t A/T Grove has an impressive CV of projects including the Tate Modern and London Airports. Its boom stretches up to 43m and the extra intersection enables it to wrap around objects, giving the crane a unique ability which not many other company cranes possess.

Heavy Duty Cranes

Available nationwide and built for the harshest of environments, our heavy duty cranes begin with the 95t capacity Liebherr LTM 1095 and run all the way up to our largest 200 and 220t capacity cranes.

Fitted with super lift and a 72 meter telescopic boom, the 200t Liebherr LTM 500 is one of our largest cranes and is made for the big jobs. It has a proven track-record, being used by the likes of Ford Motor Company, BP’s Coryton Essex Oil Refinery and Esso UK.

Finally, for a combination of all-terrain crawling and impressive 100t lifting capacity, our Liebherr LTR 1100 is outstanding off-road and extremely maneuverable.

This list gives a brief overview of our crane fleet, but our overall range is guaranteed to suit any company’s particular needs for hire. Browse through our categories and take a look at the individual product brochures which accompany each crane.