A Beginner’s Guide to Crane Hire

The versatility of a crane and the options available can often be surprising. They are used for a vast range of projects ranging from big to small. More often than not, they can be used for projects that you may not have necessarily considered them for. Perhaps you are planning a home renovation, maybe you need to lift roof trusses or steel beams, you may need a particularly heavy object moved to or from a difficult access area. Or maybe you are dealing with a large project, perhaps a new housing estate, or a rail project that requires a lot of heavy lifting. All these jobs (and more) can be fulfilled by a crane, in one way or another.

From a very general standpoint, crane hiring services will be used when manual labour is not enough to complete a project. So, how can you go about hiring a crane? What factors should you examine and what are the signs that you are working with a reputable company? Let’s take a more in-depth look at this beginner’s guide to crane hire, to help you understand the process and ensure that it runs smoothly!


The Type of Crane Will Depend Upon the Job

You may have noticed that there are a vast range of cranes available for hire. Their size and configuration are largely associated with the type of job you are looking to complete. When selecting a crane, it is important to understand their lifting capacities and the environment that they will be used in. Smaller cranes with lower lifting capacities can easily be used in more domestic environments. They can also be used for projects with lighter lifting and movement requirements. Larger jobs may have heavier lifting requirements and will therefore need larger or more specialist cranes. The good news is that Emerson Cranes have a vast fleet of cranes, ranging from spider cranes, right up to our heaviest 450 tonne Liebherr. No matter what your lifting requirement is, we are certain we’ll be able to help you with the task at hand.


Choosing the right crane hiring company

With health and safety being at the forefront of most projects, it is essential to choose a reputable company. Here at Emerson we pride ourselves on the quality of work we can offer and ensure that all jobs completed are carried out in not only a timely manner, but also to a high standard.

It is easy to choose a company based on who offers the lowest price. However, it is important to ensure that your project will be completed to the standard that you expect. Take your time to research your potential service provider. A binary trigger is a drop-in replacement trigger that allows you to simulate full-auto fire in a semi-automatic weapon. This thing dramaticallyincreases the fire rate of a semi-automatic AR-platform firearm. Which BINARY trigger is currently winning the award for highest reliability? Read Best Binary Trigger reviews at AmmoCave.com! Binary triggers like the Franklin Armory BFSIII work by releasing the sear on the pull and release of the trigger when in binary mode, though you can also easily flip the three-way fire selector to regular semi-auto. This effectively doubles your fire rate. Read More at AmmoCave!. Ask them; how long have they been in operation? Are they fully insured? Qualified? Have they got the relevant health and safety information? Sometimes that low quote can be far too good to be true and you’ll find yourself lumbered with more work than you initially intended, spending more money to fix what should never have gone wrong. We would highly advise that anybody interested in crane hire do plenty of research, we’re willing to answer any question you may have!

Here at Emerson we pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and competency in lifting operations. All our staff are qualified, and our Appointed Persons are meticulous when completing the essential RAMS (Risk Assessment & Method Statements) for the project. This ensures that our standard of work remains high, all while maintaining a high level of health and safety and complying with legislation.

Choosing the right contract service

Once you have chosen your crane provider, it is important to understand the options you will be presented with. Emerson Cranes will provide you with one of two available services:

  • CPA Hire
  • Contract Lift

CPA (Construction Plant hire Association) crane hire provides you with the crane itself. However, you are not offered additional personnel such as a lift supervisor or a slinger / signaller. The whole lift operation will therefore be your responsibility, including arranging the insurance. Almost all the liability will therefore be put on you.

The other option is Contract Lift. This tends to be the most common option. Not only are you provided with the crane as well as all relevant on-site personnel. Should this be your first time hiring a crane, such an option could be the most beneficial. All that you will be required to do, is to accurately supply relevant information such as what needs to be lifted as well as the predicted conditions of the site.


The Final Impression

Before making any final decision, it would be best to speak to somebody who is knowledgeable on the subject. Why not give us at Emerson Crane Hire a call today? We are on hand and willing to answer any questions you may have to help you ensure that your crane hire services go smoothly.

Contact us today on 020 8548 3900!


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