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90T All Terrain Crane – Tadano ATF 90G-4

If you require a powerful 90t all terrain crane but still want to have a compact and mobile crane, the Tadano ATF 90G-4 is the perfect choice. Its complete counterweight of 22.3t is located within the vehicle width of 2.75m. Thus you also can easily move the crane in narrow spaces at the construction site – very comfortable from the cab. Its slewing radius of only 3.91 m offers optimal manoeuvrability during crane operations.

This crane has a maximum admissible lifting capacity of 100t when working at a 2.5m radius.

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Tadano ATF 90G Spec Sheet
Max Lifting Capacity 90T
Telescopic Boom 51.2M
Boom Extension 18M
Max Radius 56M
Overall Length 13051MM
Crane Width 2750MM
Overall Height 3925MM
Fully Extended Outriggers 7200MM
Standard Mat Size 1200MM Diameter