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300 Tonne Crane – Liebherr LTM 1300 6.2

This 300-tonne crane will be the largest in the fleet with a maximum lifting capacity of 300t. This heavy all-terrain crane has a full range of benefits. The Liebherr LTM 1300 6.2 can lift at a 3m radius with a 78m main boom and a folding fly jib that is hydraulically adjustable under load. It also offers key features that include a Single Euro 4 engine concept with Liebherr ECO mode for fuel saving and a very strong reduced support base duties with 4 positions for 360° duties.

This machine will also feature the innovative Variobase outrigger system which allows the outriggers to be individually deployed at varying lengths, giving improved radius and capacity when lifting directly over the supports.

Why Choose Our 300 Tonne All Terrain Crane?

As well as its impressive lifting capabilities, the fact that this 300-tonne crane can operate effectively on all terrains gives it significant advantages over its competitors. These cranes offer increased mobility, this is ideal when dealing with projects with no road access. Their powerful lifting capacity means that jobs can be completed with much less hassle, as extremely large volumes can be moved in just one lift. This 300-tonne crane is much faster than others meaning that it can travel to the sight independently, no other vehicles will be required for assistance. Durability is yet another strength, these cranes are extremely durable and are able to handle all weather types and environments. Arguably the most important element is the safety aspect that this 300-tonne crane provides, this is due to the increased levels of visibility and stability.

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Liebherr LTM Spec Sheet
Max Lifting Capacity 300T
Telescopic Boom 78M
Boom Extension 35M
Max Radius 94M
Overall Length 17298MM
Crane Width 3000MM
Overall Height 4000MM
Fully Extended Outriggers 8532MM x 8932MM + Variobase
Standard Mat Size 3500MM x 2200MM